Yongnuo YN600EX-RT and YN-E3-RT radio flash system review

The goodies to be reviewed

Francesco Rizzato reviews Yongnuo's YN600EX-RT Speedlite and YN-E3-RT trigger, both compatible with the Canon 2.4GHz system. Are they any good?

Studio lighting entrepreneur Paul C. Buff dies (1936–2015)

Paul C Buff tribute

Paul Conrad Buff, president of the eponymous American studio lighting manufacturer, has died at the age of 78.

Elinchrom to become its own US distributor

Elinchrom logo

As of May 2015, Swiss manufacturer Elinchrom is separating its US operations from Manfrotto Distribution.

ExpoImaging announces the Rogue Flashbender 2


ExpoImaging has updated the Rogue Flashbender, a flexible speedlight reflector that can be bent into any shape.

Westcott announces the Ice Light 2


Westcott has updated its Ice Light LED stick light with a removable battery, increased brightness and Bluetooth support.

Triggertrap Ada fails to deliver after successful Kickstarter project


Despite raising well over its Kickstarter funding target, the Triggertrap Ada modular high-speed camera trigger project has failed.

Elinchrom Quadra ELB 400 portable compact flash pack announced

Elinchrom Quadra ELB 400

Elinchrom has announced the Quadra ELB 400, the successor to its popular Ranger Quadra portable flash system.

Phottix Indra 360 is a lower-powered TTL monolight

Phottix Indra 360

Phottix has announced the Indra 360, a radio-enabled TTL monolight to join the company's Indra 500 flash head.

Pixelstick review – a truly unique tool for lightpainting


Robbert Dijkstra reviews the Bitbanger Pixelstick, an innovative high-tech LED light painting tool for photographers.

Keyboard for editing – SHORTCUT-S


The SHORTCUT-S is a special keyboard designed for use with Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom and other photo editing software.

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