Sekonic C-7000 industrial spectrometer released

Sekonic Spectromaster C-7000

Sekonic has introduced a new light meter, the Spectromaster C-7000, designed for industrial applications.

LumoPro LightSwitch is a flash case & modifier combo

LP742 Case Open

LumoPro has announced the LightSwitch, a speedlight case that unfolds into a multi-purpose light modifier.

LumoPro LP605M is a light stand that converts into a monopod

LP605M Light Stand 2

The LumoPro LP605M will support either your lights or your camera, thanks to three retractable monopod feet.

Falcon Eyes shows ‘Saber One’ LED sticks at P&I


This LED lighting wand system from Falcon Eyes lets you create interesting cross-shaped catchlights.

Yongnuo YN685 first online listings appear

Yongnuo YN685

Some sellers are offering pre-orders for the Yongnuo YN685 at prices ranging from $160 to $215.

Hensel announces Bounce Adapter for softboxes


The new Bounce Adapter from Hensel lets you mount flashes inside softboxes and use them in a new way.

Lightpix Labs FlashQ review: the little trigger that could

FlashQ with Panasonic GX7, MeiKe MK320 and Yongnuo YN560-III

The FlashQ is a compact and stylish wireless flash trigger aimed at mirrorless and compact camera users. Is it any good?

Exclusive deal: $30 off Flashpoint ZoomLioN flashes at Adorama

Flashpoint ZoomLioN

Get a Li-ion speedlight with TTL, HSS and optional radio control for just $150 through this Lighting Rumours deal.

Shanny SN910EX-RF introduced with ‘W-CLS’ radio TTL for Nikon

Shanny Speedlite SN910EX-RF

The Shanny SN910EX-RF is the first flash in the 2.4GHz 'Wireless Creative Lighting System' for Nikon.

Rogue Flashbender 2 Large and XL review


The Rogue Flashbender 2 Large and XL are two bendable light shaping tools designed for on- and off-camera work with speedlights. Are they any good?

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