Honl Light Paddle is a ‘super lightweight’ flash reflector

Honl Light Paddle

The Honl Light Paddle is a flexible 3-in-1 reflector that attaches to the head of your speedlight.

Pixel Mago flashgun review


The Pixel Mago is an E-TTL, high-speed flashgun with a built-in LED video lamp. At just $88, can Pixel's first flash compete with Canon and Yongnuo?

Aputure Amaran HR672 LED video light review

Aputure Amaran HR672

The Amaran HR672 is billed as a 95+ CRI video lamp and "the most pioneering Amaran light" that Aputure have made so far. Is it any good?

MagSphere and MagBounce Kickstarter created and funded

MagMod MagBounce

MagMod have announced two new magnetic speedlight modifiers, the MagBounce bounce card and MagSphere diffuser dome.

Mecablitz flash maker Metz files for insolvency

Metz logo

German lighting and television manufacturer Metz has reportedly gone into administration.

Phottix updates the Mitros and Mitros+ for Sony

Phottix Mitros+ Sony

Phottix has updated its Sony-fit Mitros-series flashguns to use the new Multi-Interface Shoe standard.

YongNuo’s Speedlite YN600EX-RT is finally available

Yongnuo Speedlite YN-E3-RT and YN600EX-RT

Yongnuo's radio-enabled TTL flash, the YN600EX-RT — designed to be compatible with Canon's RT system — is now on sale.

Profoto releases six small, deep parabolic umbrellas


Profoto's new umbrellas come in a range of different styles, all with a parabolic shape for a more focussed, efficient light output.

Shanny SN600SC TTL speedlight review

Shanny SN600SC

Allan MacDonald reviews the Shanny SN600SC Speedlite, a 'radio-ready' hotshoe flash from a new Chinese manufacturer. Is it any good?

Fstoppers introduces the FlashDisc


The FlashDisc is a small, portable speedlight softbox that fits in your pocket and can also be used as a grey card.

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