Profoto finally adds high-speed sync to B1 AirTTL battery flash

Profoto B1 HSS

Bringing big flash heads outdoors? The Profoto B1 now has HSS support, letting it work at fast shutter speeds in bright ambient light.

Profoto teases ‘H’, ‘S’, ‘S’ for 15 December: HSS at last?

Profoto H

Could it be? Is high-speed sync support coming to the Profoto B1 studio flash? (Probably, yes)

Vela One – a very fast flash for high speed photography


The Vela One is an LED flash capable of freezing a speeding bullet. It is seeking support on Kickstarter.

Godox studio gear now officially distributed in the USA

Godox QT600

Godox QS, QT and DS studio flashes are now distributed in the USA by Blink Photographic Equipment Inc.

Profoto releases 4-foot RFi Octa softbox for fashion and portraiture

Profoto RFI 4' Octa

Swedish lighting manufacturer Profoto has announced a new 8-sided light modifier said to be "perfectly sized" for people photography.

Sekonic Spectromaster meters ‘first to measure any light source’

Sekonic Spectromaster C-700

Sekonic has released two new spectrometers, the Spectromaster C-700 and C-700R, designed to meter all kinds of light, flash and continuous.

MagMod adds the MagSnoot to their Kickstarter


The MagSnoot is a crowd-funded snoot which can be attached magnetically to speedlights.

Triggertrap Mobile Dongle – the link between your camera and your smartphone


The Triggertrap Mobile Dongle lets you control flashes and cameras via your smartphone. Is it any good?

Lume Cube – a small light for small devices

Lume Cube

The Lume Cube is a nifty stills/video light designed to work with smartphones and small cameras.

Improved RagLite wants crowdfunding to become your roll-up LED


Think your continuous lighting is a bit stiff? Consider the RagLite, a "new and improved" flexible LED panel.

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