Westcott Ice Light 2 now available


A new version of the Westcott Ice Light LED lighting stick — including a removable battery and improved output — is now available.

Nissin Di700A Air & Commander Air 1 now in stock

Nissin Air Commander 1

Kenro has announced that the Nissin Air flash system, for Canon and Nikon, is now on sale in the UK, priced from £240.

Triopo TR-870: a Li-ion speedlight with built-in LED lamp

Triopo TR-870

A new TTL flashgun that runs on lithium batteries, the Triopo Speedlight TR-870, has been announced.

Cheetah Light CL-600 portable lighting system on its way

Godox XExpert RS600P

CheetahStand, the Texan lighting brand, has a new battery-powered flash system slated for release this June.

Light Blaster projector now usable with studio lights

Light Blaster Studio Adapter

Project weird and wonderful backgrounds with full-sized studio lights thanks to the Light Blaster Universal Studio Adapter.

Modular design and its potential for photography products


More photographic equipment should embrace a modular design philosophy, says Adaptalux's Sam Granger.

Godox X1 TTL flash trigger coming ‘May 2015′

Godox X1

Godox has a wireless TTL flash trigger, designed to work with the Ving V860, in development.

Falcon Eyes’ latest connected LEDs are fit for 21st century

Falcon Eyes LPW-1156TD / LPW-2565TD

Falcon Eyes of Hong Kong has launched a slew of new lighting offering touchscreens, WiFi and smartphone remote control.

Where stands don’t reach: Falcon Fly, a quadcopter flash

Falcon Eyes Falcon Fly

Modern lighting accessories can do a lot of things. But can they fly?

Broncolor launches FT continuous lighting system

Broncolor Para 222

Broncolor has introduced a new range of continuous lighting called the FT system, including HMI lamps and parabolic reflectors.

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