• Rhienck
  • http://canon-eos.serveblog.net Greg

    Just curious – do you have the chance to test them? In the meantime it seems they are available. E-TTL sounds like a big advantage, but according to the manual the E-TTL signal is neither acquired by the transmitter via hotshoe (the transmitter instead recognizes E-TTL via IR signal, which will limit compatibility to Canon bodies with build-in or external ST-E2 or Speedlites with master ability (90EX, 550EX – 600EX)), nor transmitted to the flash via hotshoe (radio signals are converted back to IR instead). What’s the deal here? Black-taping the IR sensors to the master/slave IR to prevent daylight interference? After all and even considering taping for daylight the IR to radio to IR looks like a huge bottle neck just from reading …

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