Aurora Lite Bank

Aurora Speedbounce ‘optimal’ light modifier for shoe-mount flash

Aurora Lite Bank Speedbounce SB40

Aurora Lite Bank has announced the Speedbounce, a portable round accessory designed for soft portrait lighting with speedlights.

Aurora Firefly II and Firefly XL softboxes review

Will Heslop. Picture by Konrad Leader

Aurora Lite Bank have added two modifiers to their line-up, building on the original Firefly Beauty Box. Are they any good?

Aurora Firefly II and Firefly XL softboxes announced

Aurora Lite Bank Firefly II

Korean lighting manufacturer Aurora Lite Bank has released two new quick-folding softboxes, the Firefly II and Firefly XL.

Aurora Portaflex Multiflector review

Aurora Portaflex Multiflector, silver side

Korean manufacturer Aurora Lite Bank sent us one of their latest flash accessories to evaluate. The Portaflex Multiflector is a bendable 4-in-1 reflector for your speedlight.

Aurora Lite Bank warn of “counterfeit” products

Aurora Litebank Firefly FBO65 and FBS2560

The Korean manufacturer of studio lighting equipment, Aurora Lite Bank, have issued a statement on their web site warning customers of imitation products found in Europe.

Aurora Firefly Beauty Box review

Aurora Firefly Beauty Box

We review the Aurora Firefly Beauty Box FBO50, a 50cm octagonal speedlight softbox from Aurora Lite Bank.

Firefly Beauty Boxes from Aurora Lite Bank

Aurora Firefly Beauty Box

Aurora Lite Bank, a Korean studio lighting manufacturer, have a new range of portable softboxes for use with hotshoe flashes.

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