Latest CheetahStand products: Colt 45, RiceBowl, Dim Sum

CheetahStand RiceBowl RB-120

CheetahStand has introduced a range of interesting light modifiers including the RiceBowl softbox, Colt 45 reflector and Dim Sum Plate beauty dish accessory.

CheetahStand C10 automatic light stand announced

CheetahStand C12

The CheetahStand C10 is ten feet tall and has automatically-folding legs to aid event photographers.

Cheetah Tri-Speed TS-H120 flash bracket review

Cheetah Stand TS-H120

The Cheetah Tri-Speed H120 is a triple flash bracket with a 3.5mm socket to plug in a radio receiver or sync cable and trigger all three flashes simultaneously. Any good? Read our review to find out.

New speedlight brackets from CheetahStand

Cheetah Speed Pro Bracket MkII

Cheetah Stand have released new lighting accessories for 2011: the Speed Pro Bracket Mark II, the Cheetah Wing and two sizes of shallow reflective parabolic umbrella.

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