GamiLight Box 60 review – the origami striplight

GamiLight Box 60

The GamiLight Box 60 is a fold-flat strip softbox that attaches directly to your speedlight. is it any good?

GamiLight origami flash accessories now available in the UK

Gami Light Square 43

UKphotodistro has announced that it is now carrying GamiLight's fold-flat flashgun accessories.

GamiLight Soft Plus and Spot 2 review

GamiLight Square 43, Soft Plus and Spot 2 in action

Since Malaysian manufacturer GamiLight first introduced their Square 43 softbox in April of this year, the company has followed up with a spate of other plastic origami light modifiers. These include the Spot 2 and Soft Plus, both of which

New Gami Light mount for Cactus KF36, Vivitar 285HV

Gami Light XL Strap on Cactus KF36

Gami Light have released a new, larger mounting strap to accommodate flashguns such as the Cactus KF36 and Vivitar 285HV.

Gami Light release folding Spot 2 and Event Pro modifiers

Gami Light Event Pro, bounce card mode

Adding to their Square 43 and Box 21 folding speedlight softboxes, Gami Light of Malaysia have released a new collapsible speedlight snoot and an adjustable bounce card.

Gami Light Box 21 and Square 43 review

Gami Light Square 43

We review the Gami Light Square 43 and Box 21, two new speedlight softboxes which fold flat in seconds.

New company debuts with Square 43 speedlight softbox

Gami Light Square 43

Gami Light, a new company based in Malaysia, have released the Square 43 softbox, the first in a series of collapsible light modifiers for small flashes.

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