Interfit announces new Bowens S-type speedlight softbox kits

Interfit S-Type Speedlight Bracket

Interfit has updated its line of speedlight-to-softbox adapters with a new design and a range of Strobies lighting kits.

Interfit Ace 100 is a $90 lighting kit for photography students

Interfit Ace 100 Flash Kit

Interfit Photographic has announced the Ace 100, an ultra-affordable studio lighting kit aimed at novice photographers.

Interfit announces new range of folding softboxes

Interfit Foldable Softboxes

Interfit Photographic has announced a new line of "game-changer" softboxes for location lighting.

Interfit Photographic launches new modern web site

Interfit Photographic web site 2014

Interfit Photographic has hurtled into the twenty-first century with their new-look web site.

Speedlight Accessory Kits by Adorama and more

Adorama Flashpoint Q accessories kit

Adorama has released a speedlight accessory kit called the Flashpoint Q series.

New Interfit Strobies i SYNC 4 flash trigger, Delta shutter release and universal TTL cord

Interfit i SYNC 4

Interfit has announced some new accessories in its Strobies range, including some wireless shutter releases, a universal TTL cord, and a radio/optical flash trigger which savvy strobists will find eerily familiar.

Strobist Starter Kits

Foto Konijnenberg Strobist Kit

Dutch / Belgian photography shop Foto Konijnenberg are offering a "Strobist Starter Kit" including an air-damped light stand, a set of Cactus V4 triggers, an Interfit Strobies XS bracket, a Jinbei umbrella and a softbox.

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