LumoPro LP605M convertible light stand/monopod review

LumoPro LP605M fluid chamber

The LumoPro LP605M is a dual-use support accessory designed to work as either a light stand or a camera monopod. Is it any good?

LumoPro LightSwitch is a flash case & modifier combo

LumoPro has announced the LightSwitch, a speedlight case that unfolds into a multi-purpose light modifier.

LumoPro LP605M is a light stand that converts into a monopod

LP605M Light Stand 2

The LumoPro LP605M will support either your lights or your camera, thanks to three retractable monopod feet.

LumoPro LP955 22-inch beauty dish reflector review

LumoPro LP955 Beauty Dish

The LP955 Multi-Mount Beauty Dish is billed as "a versatile and lighting modifier built for portrait and fashion". Is it your cup of tea?

LumoPro announce strapping new light stand and all-encompassing umbrella

LumoPro LP735 3-in1 umbrella

The new LumoPro LP605S features ground spikes and a carrying strap. The new LP735 Compact Umbrella is a 43-inch reversible lighting brolly.

LumoPro announce LP739 Double Flash Speedring Bracket

LumoPro LP739

US firm LumoPro have announced an adapter that allows two speedlights to fire into a studio softbox.

LumoPro Ultra Compact stand is “one of world’s smallest”

LumoPro LP-734

LumoPro's LP734 Ultra Compact background stand is "one of the worlds lightest and smallest light stands".

LumoPro support those who can’t stand heavy gear

LumoPro LP605 outdoors, using its spikes

We review LumoPro's LP605 reflex stand with added ground spikes and their LP621 "miniature boom arm" reflector holder.

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