New from Multiblitz: V6-D LED light, V-Pac battery packs and Parabox

Multiblitz V6-D

The German lighting maker has introduced a number of new lighting tools for stills and video shooters alike.

Multiblitz Parabrolly review: a 165 cm ‘deeper’ silver umbrella

Francesco Rizzato reviews the Multiblitz 165 Parabrolly, a large silver parabolic umbrella. Is it any good?

Multiblitz Glambox reviewed: a 120 cm foldable Beauty Dish

Francesco Rizzato reviews the Multiblitz Glambox. Is it any good and can it replace a beauty dish?

Multiblitz adds larger Glambox and smaller Octabox

Multiblitz Glambox 120

German lighting manufacturer Multiblitz has announced two new softboxes for the studio.

Multiblitz create Probeau XL and Octa 100 lightformers

Multiblitz XL Beauty Reflektor

Multiblitz have developed two new lighting accessories - an octagonal softbox and a large beauty dish - for V and P mount studio lamps.

Multiblitz SuperBrolly 150cm giant umbrella

Multiblitz SuperBrolly

Multiblitz, the German studio lighting manufacturer, have introduced a new giant reflective umbrella.

Transport your Profilux Propac with new Multiblitz Trolly-Kit

Multiblitz Trolly-Kit

Multiblitz, the German lighting manufacturer, have released a new wheeled case for protecting and transporting ProPac battery packs on location.

Multiblitz introduces Glambox and white reflectors

Multiblitz Glambox

Multiblitz have announced a new octabox, the Glambox, and two standard reflectors, all with white reflective surfaces.

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