Photoflex add OctoDome White to range of softboxes

Photoflex OctoDome White

The Photoflex OctoDome White is a series of octaboxes with double diffusion and white-lined interiors.

Promark acquires Photoflex

Photoflex logo

American studio lighting supplier Photoflex has been bought by Promark International.

Photoflex gets new distributor in Spain

Photoflex logo

Fotocasion is the new Spanish distributor for Photoflex's 'full line' of lighting products.

Fit two speedlights into a softbox with Photoflex ‘Rotating Hardware’

Photoflex Adjustable ShoeMount Rotating Hardware

Photoflex has announced the Adjustable ShoeMount Rotating Hardware — their name for a bracket that fits two speedlights into a softbox.

New extra-large lighting umbrellas from Photoflex

Photoflex 72-inch Silver Umbrella

Photoflex has released two new 72-inch umbrellas — one white shoot-through and one silver reflective model.

Extend your VAL with Photoflex LiteReach

Photoflex LiteReach holding up a softbox

Photoflex have released a miniature boom arm for voice-activated light stands called the LiteReach. Full press release inside.

Photoflex release bombproof lighting umbrellas

Photoflex ADH 45" Silver Adjustable Umbrella

Photoflex have announced a new range of lighting umbrellas, with improved durability for "almost carefree handling". Full press release inside.

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