Phottix upgrades the Easy-folder softbox into Transfolder

Phottix Transfolder

Phottix has renamed and improved its quick-fold softboxes for speedlights and studio lights.

Phottix introduces Cerberus Flash Mount

Phottix has announced that they will introduce a new speedlight mount named the Cerberus.

Phottix Varos Pro umbrella bracket review

Phottix Varos Pro

Imagine every feature a photographer could possibly want in an umbrella bracket. That's the Phottix Varos Pro. Is it any good?

Phottix introduces updated Varos Pro umbrella holders

Phottix Varos Pro Small

Phottix's latest patent-packed Varos Pro umbrella holders are "300% stronger" and at home in the studio or on location.

Mac Group US now official Phottix distributor in America

Phottix Indra500

As well as handling Phottix products in western Europe, the Mac Group has become the official Phottix distributor for the United States.

Phottix now distributed by Mac Group Europe

Phottix Indra360

Mac Group Europe now distributes Phottix photo products in the UK, Ireland, France and Germany.

Phottix introduces new Luna softboxes

Phottix has released some new softboxes and a beauty dish.

Portable location kit – Linkstar foldable octabox and Phottix bracket review

What are some light modifiers that are light, sturdy, easy to carry and can be quickly set up? Robbert investigates.

Taking the strain: Phottix improves speedlight softbox mount

Phottix HS Speed Mount II

The new HS Speed Mount II allows flashguns to be mounted horizontally without straining the hotshoe.

Phottix and Westcott’s quick-assemble softboxes go large

Westcott Rapidbox XL/XXL

Phottix and Westcott have introduced some extra-large photographic light modifiers.

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