Profoto OCF Gels bring colour effects to B1 & B2 flashes

Profoto OCF Gels

Profoto has announced a new colour filter holder for its Off Camera Flash system.

Profoto releases folding Beauty Dish for location work

Profoto OCF Beauty Dish

Profoto has announced a new collapsible beauty dish for its B1 and B2 portable flashes.

Profoto releases 4-foot RFi Octa softbox for fashion and portraiture

Profoto RFI 4' Octa

Swedish lighting manufacturer Profoto has announced a new 8-sided light modifier said to be "perfectly sized" for people photography.

Profoto releases six small, deep parabolic umbrellas

Profoto's new umbrellas come in a range of different styles, all with a parabolic shape for a more focussed, efficient light output.

Profoto Umbrella Deep review – umbrellas that get some respect

Model: Deanna Watney. Picture: Ricardo Gomez

Is it worth investing in a higher quality brolly? Ricardo tests the new Profoto Umbrella Deep.

Profoto Umbrella Deep – a new kind of umbrella

Profoto Deep umbrella, white

Is the Profoto Deep an expensive lighting umbrella or a softbox alternative?

Reflectors & flash brackets make it ‘easier than ever’ to buy Profoto

Profoto collapsible reflector - 80cm Sunsilver

Profoto now makes collapsible reflectors and speedlight brackets for softboxes.

Profoto announce RFi “recessed front, improved” softboxes

Profoto RFi softboxes

The Swedish studio equipment manufacturer has unveiled the RFi series of softboxes, designed with a "deeper shape that directs the light forward rather than spreading it to the sides".

Profoto lights get adapter for Broncolor Para 88

Broncolor Para 88

If you use Profoto lights but have been lusting after the Para 88 reflector made by Broncolor, it is now within your reach.

Profoto Umbrella XL now in stock

Profoto Umbrella XL Silver with white diffuser attached

Profoto's new 165cm "slightly parabolic" Umbrella XL is now available in the UK for £336.

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