Watch how light travels over a subject

Have you ever wondered how the light actually travels? SEEC photography is a project that aims to show just that.

Anything Nikon can do, Canon can do better?

Release the drones! Following Nikon's example, Canon shows what can be achieved with drone-mounted Speedlites.

Has Canon nerfed the 430EX III for the USA market? (Update: no)

Canon Speedlite 430EX III-RT master mode

Canon USA claims the 430EX III-RT does not have master mode. But the European distributors disagree.

Modular design and its potential for photography products


More photographic equipment should embrace a modular design philosophy, says Adaptalux's Sam Granger.

The Bridal Tide – trends in wedding photography style

Picture: Michael Sewell

Are clients' tastes shifting as brides seek to have the most unique images? Wedding photographer Michael A. Sewell explores the trend.

What Google Trends says about the photographic lighting industry

Google trends

Many Western lighting brands face declining interest as Chinese companies emerge, according to search queries.

Sony QX1: clunky contraption or model for a modular future?

Sony QX1 pop-up flash

Is Sony's QX1 a clunky toy, or will phones and cameras get more configurable as time goes on? Who wants bokeh and softbox lighting from their phone?

5 weird and wonderful photography lights that break the mould

Paparazzo Light for iPhone

A few photographic lights have bravely dared to experiment with unconventional form factors. Did they succeed?

Smart photography lights you can control with an iPhone

Elinchrom WiFi

A round-up of pro studio lighting systems and fun LED accessories you can adjust with a smartphone.

Mind over matter

Picture: Robbert Dijkstra

The thought process of a photographer is much more important than his gear, says Robbert Dijkstra.

Doubleclick DFP Tutorial