Sony QX1: clunky contraption or model for a modular future?

Sony QX1 pop-up flash

Is Sony's QX1 a clunky toy, or will phones and cameras get more configurable as time goes on? Who wants bokeh and softbox lighting from their phone?

5 weird and wonderful photography lights that break the mould

Paparazzo Light for iPhone

A few photographic lights have bravely dared to experiment with unconventional form factors. Did they succeed?

Smart photography lights you can control with an iPhone

Elinchrom WiFi

A round-up of pro studio lighting systems and fun LED accessories you can adjust with a smartphone.

Mind over matter

Picture: Robbert Dijkstra

The thought process of a photographer is much more important than his gear, says Robbert Dijkstra.

You’ve Been Flashed: why flash beats continuous lighting

Godox ThinkLite TT660

Boyd Johnson discusses some advantages flash has over continuous lighting.

Ricardo Gomez: what to expect and what I hope for in 2014

Ricardo Gomez

What can we expect to see this year? Our newest writer Ricardo pens his thoughts.

Built-in TTL and its implications for the photo accessory industry

Market pyramid

What effect will 2013's introduction of 'ready to use' flashes have on future manufacturing?

Standardise this: Vivitar swaps hotshoes for USB

Vivitar ViviCam IU680

The Sakar ViviCam "lens camera" accepts micro-USB flashguns and links with your smartphone.

Industria de la iluminación fotográfica: El poder esta en nosotros

Power to the people

Por qué podremos ver más y mejores flashes en el mercado en los próximos años?

Studio lighting industry: we’ve got the power

Power to the people

Why we should expect to see more and better lighting gear coming in the future.

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