5 weird and wonderful photography lights that break the mould

Paparazzo Light for iPhone

A few photographic lights have bravely dared to experiment with unconventional form factors. Did they succeed?

Smart photography lights you can control with an iPhone

Elinchrom WiFi

A round-up of pro studio lighting systems and fun LED accessories you can adjust with a smartphone.

Mind over matter

Picture: Robbert Dijkstra

The thought process of a photographer is much more important than his gear, says Robbert Dijkstra.

You’ve Been Flashed: why flash beats continuous lighting

Godox ThinkLite TT660

Boyd Johnson discusses some advantages flash has over continuous lighting.

Ricardo Gomez: what to expect and what I hope for in 2014

Ricardo Gomez

What can we expect to see this year? Our newest writer Ricardo pens his thoughts.

Built-in TTL and its implications for the photo accessory industry

Market pyramid

What effect will 2013's introduction of 'ready to use' flashes have on future manufacturing?

Standardise this: Vivitar swaps hotshoes for USB

Vivitar ViviCam IU680

The Sakar ViviCam "lens camera" accepts micro-USB flashguns and links with your smartphone.

Industria de la iluminación fotográfica: El poder esta en nosotros

Power to the people

Por qué podremos ver más y mejores flashes en el mercado en los próximos años?

Studio lighting industry: we’ve got the power

Power to the people

Why we should expect to see more and better lighting gear coming in the future.

Interview with Bitbanger Labs, creators of the Pixelstick

Bitbanger Labs

We put questions to the people behind the Pixelstick, a crowdfunded light-painting accessory.

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