Studio lighting on a budget: $20 Andoer 135W LED bulbs review

Andoer 135W corn LED bulb

For just $20, Andoer offers 135W LED light bulbs "perfect for studio photography". Are they any good?

NanGuang LED fresnel and ring lights now available in the UK

Nanguang CN60F

Kenro has announced availability of Nanguang LED ring lights and LED fresnel lights for stills and video lighting.

Andoer LA-650D LED ring light review

Andoer LA-650D LED ring light

The Andoer LA-650D is a cheap, bright, $80 LED ring light for portrait photography. Is it any good?

Andoer LED foldable photography studio review

Andoer light tent

The Andoer LED light tent is a tabletop product photography studio that lights itself. Is it any good?

Falcon Eyes Stick Saber 3 is also an LED ring light

Falcon Eyes Saber 3 Light Stick

A new LED from Falcon Eyes, the Light Stick Saber 3, offers a light wand and ring lamp in one unit.

Polaroid introduces BrightSaber, a ‘travel-sized light wand’

Polaroid BrightSaber travel

Polaroid has announced a new LED lighting wand, the BrightSaber, designed for both location and studio use.

iblazr Case provides 2-in-1 battery bank and LED flash for iPhone

iblazr case for iPhone

The iblazr Case will charge and protect a smartphone, illuminate photos and videos and act as a notification light.

Life Lite ‘will change mobile content creation forever’

Lume Cube Life Lite

The Life Lite, half the size of Lume Cube, aims to be a 'pocket-sized light for any lifestyle'.

New from Multiblitz: V6-D LED light, V-Pac battery packs and Parabox

Multiblitz V6-D

The German lighting maker has introduced a number of new lighting tools for stills and video shooters alike.

Fiilex AL250 ‘aerial lighting LED’ is carried by drones

Fiilex AL250

Fiilex has released the AL250, a "professional-grade", drone-mounted LED light.

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