Andoer LA-650D LED ring light review

Andoer LA-650D LED ring light

The Andoer LA-650D is a cheap, bright, $80 LED ring light for portrait photography. Is it any good?

Andoer LED foldable photography studio review

Andoer light tent

The Andoer LED light tent is a tabletop product photography studio that lights itself. Is it any good?

Falcon Eyes Stick Saber 3 is also an LED ring light

Falcon Eyes Saber 3 Light Stick

A new LED from Falcon Eyes, the Light Stick Saber 3, offers a light wand and ring lamp in one unit.

Polaroid introduces BrightSaber, a ‘travel-sized light wand’

Polaroid BrightSaber travel

Polaroid has announced a new LED lighting wand, the BrightSaber, designed for both location and studio use.

iblazr Case provides 2-in-1 battery bank and LED flash for iPhone

iblazr case for iPhone

The iblazr Case will charge and protect a smartphone, illuminate photos and videos and act as a notification light.

Life Lite ‘will change mobile content creation forever’

Lume Cube Life Lite

The Life Lite, half the size of Lume Cube, aims to be a 'pocket-sized light for any lifestyle'.

New from Multiblitz: V6-D LED light, V-Pac battery packs and Parabox

Multiblitz V6-D

The German lighting maker has introduced a number of new lighting tools for stills and video shooters alike.

Fiilex AL250 ‘aerial lighting LED’ is carried by drones

Fiilex AL250

Fiilex has released the AL250, a "professional-grade", drone-mounted LED light.

Polaroid BrightSaber Pro: a light wand for the studio & on location

Polaroid BrightSaber Pro

Polaroid's battery-powered LED light sabre claims to be "the easiest and most affordable way to get a perfectly lit shot".

Yongnuo announces YN360 RGB LED wand


The Yongnuo YN360 is a colour-changing LED light sabre for photography and video lighting.

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