Mecalight L1000 BC X is splashproof, bi-colour & Bluetooth-controlled

Metz Mecalight L1000 BC X

Metz has announced the Mecalight L1000 BC and L1000 BC X, two LED video lamps.

Metz flash units to be made in Germany, not China, in ‘quality strategy’

Gerd Betz and Lauri Jouhki

The new owners of Metz will continue to make flash units in Germany, cancelling earlier plans to move production to the Far East.

Metz Mecablitz saved from closure by Daum Group

Metz logo

Metz-Werke GmbH has been bought by two investors, saving many jobs in TV and flash manufacturing.

Metz mecalight LED-72 is a colourful selfie light

Metz Mecalight LED-72

Metz has announced a new light designed specifically for use with mobile phone cameras.

Metz expand into video LEDs and touchscreen studio flashes

Metz mecastudio Top Line touchscreen control panel

German manufacturer Metz are to start manufacturing LEDs and studio lights under its new Mecalight and Mecastudio brands.

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