Westcott introduces larger, bi-colour Flex LEDs


Westcott has added several new sizes, adjustable colour temperature, and various accessories to the Flex LED range.

Westcott Ice Light 2 now available

A new version of the Westcott Ice Light LED lighting stick — including a removable battery and improved output — is now available.

Westcott announces the Ice Light 2

Westcott has updated its Ice Light LED stick light with a removable battery, increased brightness and Bluetooth support.

Westcott to bring flexible LED panels to US & Australia

Westcott Flex

Westcott is distributing the Flex, a bendable, water-resistant LED panel designed for stills and video lighting.

Westcott releases Skylux Bowens-mount LED for £1200

Westcott Skylux

Westcott has released a new photographic studio light, the Skylux LED.

Westcott releases “teaser” video for Skylux S-fit LED

FJ Westcott Skylux LED

FJ Westcott has published a video showing off its new Skylux LED light, which is due to be on sale next month.

Westcott to release “1000W” LED studio light in February

Westcott 1000W Daylight LED

At the PhotoPlus show in New York, FJ Westcott announced "a new LED studio light with the ability to mount a speedring directly to the head".

Westcott announces Ice Light product recall

Westcott Ice Light

Due to a manufacturing fault, some Westcott Ice Light units are eligible for an "Exchange Program" whereby customers can have them replaced free of charge.

Westcott Ice Light to meet a warm or icy reception?

Westcott Ice Light

March 2012 will see the release of the Ice Light, a mysterious new product from Westcott. Designed by Jerry Ghionis, the marketeers describe it as "the first ever wraparound handheld LED daylight light source".

Westcott release fluorescent Spiderlight TD6

Westcott Spiderlite TD6

Westcott have released a new compact fluorescent lighting system called the Spiderlight TD6.

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