Yongnuo announces YN360 RGB LED wand

The Yongnuo YN360 is a colour-changing LED light sabre for photography and video lighting.

Yongnuo’s latest bi-colour LED lights offer iPhone control via Bluetooth

Yongnuo YN300 III LED

The YN900 and YN300 III LED photography/video lights from Yongnuo support wireless iPhone control of brightness and colour .

Lazy videographers rejoice: new LED lamp adjusts brightness all by itself

Yongnuo YN-300

Yongnuo have released the YN-300, billed as the world's "first LED camera lamp with built-in photometric system". It will adjust its brightness automatically based on the ambient conditions.

Video LED matches ambient light levels, has built-in condenser mic

Yongnuo YN160II with handle

Yongnuo are to release an LED video light with automatic brightness adjustment and a built-in condenser microphone.

Yongnuo bi-colour LED is both continuous and flash

Yongnuo YN-140 LED lamp

There is a new LED lamp from Yongnuo that does a little bit of everything: a continuous video light one moment and a flashgun the next.

Yongnuo flashes up an array of new LED products

Yongnuo YN-0906 LED Lamps come in a range of different colours

Chinese manufacturer Yongnuo have introduced several new LED lamps, some of them with the ability to "flash" in synchronisation with a DSLR.

$30 LED interview lights comparison

TopTec DV-35 output

The increasing use of video DSLRs, flashes without modelling lights and cameras without decent autofocus assists has created a new demand for compact LED video lights. Here we compare three cheap $30 lights.

Continuous lighting: LED Video lights

Yongnuo SYD-0808 LED Light

Yongnuo have released their first LED light, the SYD-0808. Kirk Tuck reviews the 42 LED light from ProMaster.

Doubleclick DFP Tutorial