Godox starts shipping TT350 speedlight for Olympus & Fujifilm cameras

Godox's compact TT350 speedlight is now available for Micro Four Thirds and Fujifilm mirrorless cameras.

Nissin is developing another ultra-heatproof flash

Nissin MG series logo

Nissin is developing a 2.4GHz 'industry standard' MG-series flash with extreme heat resistance.

Godox TT350S flash for Sony now in stock; Nikon/Canon versions on the way

Godox TT350N

Godox's compact radio master/slave flash, the TT350S, is now available for Sony, priced $85.

Sony HVL-F45RM is a radio-enabled compact flash

Sony HVL-F45RM

Sony's HVL-F45RM has a small form factor, an LED lamp and built-in radio.

Nissin Air10s is a cross-brand TTL trigger for Fuji, Sony, M4/3, Canon & Nikon

Nissin Air10s

The Nissin Air10s is a wireless flash controller that provides TTL and HSS support between camera brands.

Godox Witstro AD200 First Impressions

We get our hands on a pre-production sample of the Godox Witstro AD200 flash. What are our first impressions?

Kenro Speedflash KFL101: a beginner’s review

Kenro Speedflash KFL101

Millman Tso reviews the Kenro Speedflash KFL101, a flash designed to work with both Canon and Nikon cameras. Is it any good?

Yongnuo YN600EX-RT II released with both radio & optical TTL

Yongnuo YN600EX-RT II

The $120 Yongnuo Speedlite YN600EX-RT II has Canon RT radio control and supports both Canon and Nikon's optical wireless TTL systems.

Bresser SJS-200 bare-bulb flash review

Is it a studio light? Is it a speedlite? Francesco Rizzato reviews the Bresser SJS-200, a hybrid bare-bulb flash with HSS.

Metz M400 compact system flash now on sale

Metz Mecablitz M400

The compact, AA-powered Metz M400 flash has been officially released for all major camera brands.

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