Cactus RF60X wireless flash announced

Cactus RF60X

The Cactus RF60X adds an AF assist lamp, faster recycling and a new user interface to the RF60 HSS wireless flash.

Cactus official online store launched with special discounts

Cactus Store Preview

Cactus has announced a new online store, with some introductory (and exclusive) discounts.

Cactus V6 and RF60 review – flash power adjustment for everyone!

Cactus V6 and RF60

The Cactus V6 is a trigger capable of remotely controlling Nikon, Canon and Pentax flashes, or the Cactus RF60 which has built-in radio. Are they any good?

Cactus RF60 reviews published; V6 remote control revealed

Cactus RF60

Cactus's RF60/V6 flash system has remote power control for all kinds of cameras. Will it become standard?

Cactus RF60 teaser shows off wireless power & zoom control

The Cactus RF60 radio flashgun appears in a video showcasing its wireless capabilities.

Radio-enabled Cactus flash, RF60, waiting in the wings

Cactus RF60 teaser

Cactus Image has a new radio-enabled flashgun on the way called the RF60.

Cactus V6 flash trigger & flashgun rumoured

Cactus Image

Another radio-controlled flash system is in the works, sources say.

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