Hink launches Spacefish Kickstarter campaign

Hink Spacefish

Hink has begun its Kickstarter crowd-funding project for the Spacefish flashgun, hoping to raise £35,000.

Spacefish lives; prototype video published

Hink has posted a video showing off the Spacefish flexible flashgun.

Spacefish coming to market in early 2014 for £150

Hink Spacefish

Hink's unusual flexible flashgun will be on shelves next year for £149.99.

Flexible flash, flexible funding: Spacefish Indiegogo launched

Hink Spacefish

Hink Pro Limited has launched a crowd-funding campaign for their Spacefish camera flash.

Hink publishes Spacefish tech specs, yours for £99

After revealing their unique flashgun to the public, Hink has provided specs and pricing.

Hink finally shows off Spacefish flexible flashgun

Hink Spacefish

Want a modular flashgun that looks like a desk lamp? After much hype, Hink has finally unveiled the Spacefish.

Hink will show you Spacefish, but you must win a contest first

Hink Pro logo

Manufacturers of much-hyped, mysterious flashgun announce a photography competition.

Hink: Spacefish flashgun will be “modular with a British voice inside”

Team Hink: Christopher Clark and Philippa Oliver

We sit down with the founders of Hink, the British startup that wants to take the photographic lighting industry by storm.

Hink ‘spacefish’ flashgun to feature “powerful LED modelling light”

The 'spacefish', a mysterious lighting product said to "change everything", will be a flashgun with an LED modelling light, the company has revealed.

‘Hink’ promises to “change the way we use flash in our images”

A new teaser campaign has appeared for a flash-related product codenamed "spacefish", saying "this changes everything".

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