LumoPro LP180R flash announced with built-in Phottix Odin

LumoPro has added Phottix Odin 2.4GHz wireless TTL control to the LP180 flash, in the new LP180R.

LumoPro LP180 Quad-Sync Flash review

LumoPro LP180

Has LumoPro’s affordable manual flashgun been worth the wait?

LumoPro LP180 Quad-Sync Flash officially unveiled

LumoPro LP180

The eye-catching new flashgun has a built-in filter slot, tripod mount and external power support.

LumoPro LP180 flash unit is entering production, coming “this July”

LumoPro LP180 teaser

The LP180 Quad Sync flash will be released this summer, featuring 1/3-stop adjustments, external power support and a tripod mounting socket.

LumoPro publish LP180 teaser

LumoPro LP180 teaser

LumoPro have released an image hinting at the appearance of their upcoming LP180 Quad Sync Manual Flash.

LumoPro confirm development of next generation LP180 flashgun


The LumoPro LP180 is real and coming this year, the company have announced.

LumoPro LP180 ‘Cyclops’ Quad Sync flash leaked

Purported LumoPro LP180 instruction manual and LP flash roadmap

The successor to LumoPro's LP160 speedlight will be the LP180 Quad-Sync Manual Flash offering an unknown "key feature", according to internal documents seen by Lighting Rumours.?

LumoPro LP160 discontinued; “next generation” on its way?

The LumoPro LP180 will have a redesigned body compared to the LP160

US-based firm LumoPro have announced that their LP160 Quad Sync Flash has reached "the end of its life cycle".

LumoPro “starting to research a TTL flash”

LumoPro LP-TTL concept

Midwest Photo Exchange (MPEX) is currently taking user feature requests for the next LumoPro concept flash, nicknamed “LP-TTL”.

LumoPro LP160 released

The LumoPro LP180 will have a redesigned body compared to the LP160

The LumoPro LP160 is now available at MPEX and Cameratools for US$160 and €139 respectively. How does it compare to the YN-560? Details inside.

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