Metz M400 compact system flash now on sale

Metz Mecablitz M400

The compact, AA-powered Metz M400 flash has been officially released for all major camera brands.

Metz P8 Power Pack is an 8-AA battery pack for the 64 AF-1

Metz P8 Power Pack

Metz has announced the P8 Power Pack, an external battery pack to power the 64 AF-1 flash unit.

Metz WT-1 wireless TTL flash triggers announced for Canon, Nikon & Sony

Metz Wireless Trigger Kit WT-1

The Metz WT-1 triggers offer TTL control, HSS and grouping functionality for Canon, Nikon and Sony.

Metz Mecablitz M400 compact flash officially announced

Metz Mecablitz M400

Metz has officially unveiled the Mecablitz M400, said to be "over 30 per cent more compact" than other flash units.

Metz teases with 30% smaller speedlite

Metz has shown some teasers of their upcoming line of speedlites, which are supposed to be 30% smaller than traditional speedlites.

Metz mecablitz 26 AF-2 ‘pocketable’ flash announced

Metz Mecablitz 26 AF-2

Metz has announced the Mecablitz 26 AF-2, a small tilting flash unit, for Canon, Nikon, Micro Four Thirds, Sony and Fujifilm cameras.

Metz Mecablitz 44 AF-2 released

Metz 44 AF-2

German flash manufacturer Metz has released a new flashgun, the Mecablitz 44 AF-2.

Metz flash units to be made in Germany, not China, in ‘quality strategy’

Gerd Betz and Lauri Jouhki

The new owners of Metz will continue to make flash units in Germany, cancelling earlier plans to move production to the Far East.

Metz Mecablitz saved from closure by Daum Group

Metz logo

Metz-Werke GmbH has been bought by two investors, saving many jobs in TV and flash manufacturing.

Metz releases the 26 AF-1, a compact bounce flash for small cameras

Metz Mecablitz 26 AF-1

German flash maker Metz has introduced a new tilting flash, the Mecablitz 26 AF-1, with TTL for every camera system.

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