MeiKe R200 close-up lighting system ‘supports 8 flashes at once’

MeiKe R200

MeiKe has announced the R200, a modular close-up flash photography system for Canon, Nikon and Sony.

MeiKe MK420: a Li-ion radio-enabled TTL flash for Sony

MeiKe MK420 Speedlite

The MeiKe MK420 Speedlite, a future wireless TTL flash for Sony, has been announced.

MeiKe MK320 for Micro Four Thirds review

Panasonic Lumix GX7 with MeiKe MK320

The MeiKe MK320 is a tiny flash with some clever features. Is it any good?

MeiKe MK-300 now comes in Sony & Micro Four Thirds variants

MeiKe MK-300S

MeiKe's compact TTL hotshoe flash, the MK-300, has now been released for Olympus and Panasonic.

MeiKe releases GT-600 i-TTL flash trigger for Nikon

Meike GT-600N

A low-profile, fully-featured flash trigger has been released for Nikon cameras, called the Meike GT-600N.

MeiKe MK-310 cuts your master flash down to size

MeiKe MK310C

The MeiKe MK-310 is a new low-profile TTL flashgun with full advanced wireless master capabilities for Canon and Nikon.

New trend: Chinese flashes with built-in radio (MeiKe MK570)

MeiKe MK570C

Yet another flashgun with radio triggering built inside: the MeiKe MK570.

MeiKe MK-300 is a cheap, mini TTL flash with full controls

MeiKe MK-300

The diminutive MK-300 flash unit from MeiKe, priced $50–60, packs a surprising number of features into its unassuming shell.

MeiKe Speedlight MK900 review

MeiKe MK900 input ports

The MeiKe MK900 is a $170 third party 'clone' of the former flagship Nikon Speedlight SB-900.

MeiKe Speedlite MK580, first look

MeiKe MK580 LCD control panel

MeiKe sent us a sample of their Speedlite 580EX II clone. Everything went well until we bricked it by plugging in a battery pack.

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