Voeloon 810-RT is a TTL trigger with LCD controls and AF-assist

Voeloon 810-RT

A new wireless remote, the Voeloon 810-RT, promises to build all the features a flash photographer needs into one device.

Oloong SP-700 appears on eBay for $200

Oloong SP-700

The feature-packed Oloong SP-700 has started being listed on eBay, with early prices around US$200.

Fully-featured Oloong SP-700 flash shown at P&E 2013

Oloong Speedlight SP-700 at China P&E 2013

At a trade fair last week in Beijing, Chinese flashgun manufacturer Oloong exhibited the top-of-the-line Speedlight SP-700.

Oloong Speedlight SP-700: another aftermarket flash with every bell and whistle

Oloong Speedlight SP-700

Oloong are to bring out a new flashgun this year, slated to have almost all the features you'd normally find in a flagship Canon or Nikon unit.

Oloong SP-595 entry-level flashgun adds zoom

Oloong SP-595

Oloong has announced a new "entry-level" system flash, the SP-595. It is an upgraded SP-660 with power zoom.

Voeloon 331EX hybrid speedlight announced, with built-in video LED

Voeloon 331EX

A Chinese company has released a new flashgun for stills and video. A clone of the Canon Speedlite 320EX?

Oloong SP-690 II is affordable wireless TTL master

Oloong SP-690 II

The new Oloong SP-690 II is a flashgun with Nikon AWL master mode for use in advanced wireless TTL & manual flash lighting setups. At US$160, is it the cheapest master flash for Nikon?

Oloong releases a rival flash to the Yongnuo YN-565

Wireless settings on the SP-660II

Oloong's SP-660II speedlight offers manual mode through the hotshoe, but can also act as either a Nikon or a Canon advanced wireless slave, complete with TTL. At a price of only $100, could it become more popular than

Oloong speedlites get the zoom they need

Oloong SP-690 display

Oloong have released the SP-690 - a TTL flashgun with manual control, two slave modes and an electronic zoom head - for $129.

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