LumoPro LP180R flash announced with built-in Phottix Odin

LumoPro has added Phottix Odin 2.4GHz wireless TTL control to the LP180 flash, in the new LP180R.

Mac Group US now official Phottix distributor in America

Phottix Indra500

As well as handling Phottix products in western Europe, the Mac Group has become the official Phottix distributor for the United States.

Phottix now distributed by Mac Group Europe

Phottix Indra360

Mac Group Europe now distributes Phottix photo products in the UK, Ireland, France and Germany.

Phottix updates the Mitros and Mitros+ for Sony

Phottix has updated its Sony-fit Mitros-series flashguns to use the new Multi-Interface Shoe standard.

Phottix Mitros+ brings radio-enabled TTL flash to Sony

Phottix Mitros+ for Sony

Phottix has announced a Sony version of its Mitros+ radio-enabled TTL flashgun.

Phottix Mitros+ firmware 1.05 brings optimization & fixes for Nikon

Phottix Mitros+ for Nikon

The Mitros+ for Nikon, a radio-enabled i-TTL flashgun, has received a new firmware update.

Phottix Mitros for Sony to be released in North America

Phottix Mitros for Sony

Phottix has just announced a Sony-compatible version of their well-received Mitros flash.

Phottix Mitros+ radio-enabled flashgun for Nikon released

Phottix Mitros+ for Nikon

The Nikon version of Phottix's radio-enabled TTL flashgun is now on sale for $449.99.

Mitros firmware update brings faster flash power adjustment

Phottix Mitros for Nikon

Phottix has released firmware updates for Nikon and Canon versions of the Mitros flashgun.

Radio-enabled Phottix Mitros+ flash officially announced

Phottix Mitros+

Phottix has officially confirmed the Mitros+, a radio-controlled version of their TTL flashgun.

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