Triopo F3-500: China’s answer to the Profoto B1?

Triopo F3-500

Triopo has announced the Oubao F3-500, a battery-powered studio flash with radio and optical TTL support for Canon and Nikon.

Hermaphrodite Triopo TR-988 flash fits both Canon and Nikon hotshoes

Triopo TR-988 for Canon and Nikon

A new flash from Triopo has hotshoe pins for Nikon i-TTL and Canon E-TTL both at the same time.

Triopo TR-870: a Li-ion speedlight with built-in LED lamp

Triopo TR-870

A new TTL flashgun that runs on lithium batteries, the Triopo Speedlight TR-870, has been announced.

Triopo TR-986N flashgun review

Triopo TR-986N

The Triopo TR-986N is a i-TTL flash with a full colour screen with a budget price and "professional features". Is it any good?

Sunpak 120J II bare-tube flash now available for $299

Sunpak 120J II

Sunpak's softbox-friendly TTL speedlight, the 120J II, is now on sale.

Long-awaited Sunpak 120J II bare-bulb flash is ‘coming soon’

Sunpak 120J II WPPI leaflet

The wait is almost over for the Sunpak 120J II, as it makes an appearance at the WPPI 2014 Expo.

Triopo Speedlights TR-961, TR-586EX & TR-982 review

Rick Bradbury tests three new Chinese TTL slave flashguns. How do they compare?

Triopo TR-850EX 2.4GHz flashgun review – the poor man’s 600EX-RT?

Triopo TR-850EX

The TR-850EX has a built-in radio transceiver that triggers and controls other flashes. Is it any good?

Triopo discontinues TR120 bare-bulb flash; will improve design

Polaroid PL-135 Bare Bulb Flash

Just months after its announcement, the Triopo TR120 (Polaroid PL-135) flashgun is no longer being produced.

Triopo TR-860EX 2.4GHz E-TTL flashgun now available in Europe

Triopo TR-860EX

The TR-860EX flashgun — the E-TTL companion to the radio-controlled TR-850EX — is now on sale from €150.

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