Shanny SN910EX-RF supplementary user manual

Shanny Speedlite SN910EX-RF

A user-written instruction manual to help photographers get to grips with the Shanny SN910EX-RF radio flash.

TTL studio flashes: what are your options?

Godox Witstro AD600

A list of every TTL studio flash available.

How to create Light Leak effects with presets and brushes in Lightroom

Sponsored: create artificial "light leaks" in your photographs with this quick and easy Lightroom tutorial.

Joe McNally explains TTL, lighting ratios and HSS

Joe McNally explains TTL

Profoto has produced a series of videos explaining the benefits and applications of TTL, lighting ratios and high-speed sync.

How to upgrade your Godox Witstro flash with DIY colour gels

Make your own colour-correction filters for your Godox Witstro AD180/AD360 bare-bulb flash with this simple tutorial.

High-key — or what’s possible with a single speedlight

Highkey with a speedlight

Learn how to light full-length, high key portraits with a single bare speedlight!

Back to Basics: how to take and mount a speedlight off-camera

Nikon Speedlight Stand AS-21

We explain how to take and mount a speedlight off-camera using simple tools that you already have.

4 tips for extraordinary landscape photos (+ special class giveaway)

We reveal four tips for shooting dynamic scenes during sunrise, midday and sundown.

5 strategies for taking the best family portraits

Capture superior shots with this advice from professional photographer/author Kirk Tuck.

Back to Basics: understanding speedlight high-speed sync

Yongnuo YN-622C E-TTL Wireless Flash Triggers

What is sync speed and how can high-speed sync (HSS) aid your photography?

Doubleclick DFP Tutorial