Nicefoto K6 and K8 location flashes have detachable, stacking battery packs

Nicefoto K8 TTL.M with one battery

Nicefoto K-series flashes have TTL, HSS and modular battery packs that can be stacked together. A Godox AD600 killer?

Nicefoto N4 and N6 wireless studio flashes announced

Nicefoto N6 TTL.M

Nicefoto has announced the N-series of battery-powered studio flashes with TTL and HSS support.

Unique Photo becomes new Hensel USA distributor

Hensel team

Hensel-Visit, the German lighting manufacturer, has a new distributor in the USA.

Yet more TTL flashes: Rime Lite i.4, Falcon Eyes S-2T and Visico-5

Falcon Eyes SATEL-TWO S-2T

Rime Lite i.4 TTL, Falcon Eyes SATEL TWO S-2T and Visico-5 are all S-fit battery-powered studio flashes with TTL and HSS support.

Orlit RT610 (Jinbei HD610) is ‘world’s first Canon RT monolight’

Orlit Rovelight RT610

Adorama's Orlit Rovelight RT-610 is a TTL/HSS battery monolight compatible with Canon's RT flash triggers.

Shanny VN300 AA-powered location flash announced

Shanny VN300

Shanny has announced the VN300, a portable AC/DC flash for location photographers.

Jinbei MSN multi-voltage studio light offers fast flash durations, HSS & TTL

Jinbei MSN 800 TTL

Jinbei's latest studio light has TTL for Canon and Nikon, and LED modelling lamp and flash durations down to 1/22,000 second.

Mcoplus Flash Cube is ‘iPhone-sized’ portable studio flash

Mcoplus MT-300 Flash Cube

The Mcoplus MT-300 Flash Cube is an ultra-compact, powerful TTL studio flash that can run on AA batteries.

Phottix Indra500LC is a Canon-RT-compatible studio light

Phottix Indra500LC

The Phottix Indra500LC is a 500J TTL studio flash compatible with the Canon ST-E3-RT and Phottix Laso flash triggers.

Interfit S1 adds Sony TTL support and 2-head backpack kits

Interfit S1 backpack kit

Interfit has announced an S1 Remote for Sony and a new twin-light backpack kit.

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