Falcon Eyes

Yet more TTL flashes: Rime Lite i.4, Falcon Eyes S-2T and Visico-5

Falcon Eyes SATEL-TWO S-2T

Rime Lite i.4 TTL, Falcon Eyes SATEL TWO S-2T and Visico-5 are all S-fit battery-powered studio flashes with TTL and HSS support.

Falcon Eyes Satel One battery flash with tilting screen: now available

Falcon Eyes Satel One

The Falcon Eyes Satel One, a battery-powered studio flash with a unique tilting touch-screen control panel, is now on sale.

Falcon Eyes Satel One: wireless flash with flip-out touch screen

Falcon Eyes Satel One

The Satel-One's clever tilting display makes it easy to read and adjust your light when it is up on a stand.

Falcon Eyes GL series monolights released

Falcon Eyes GL-400D

A new line of Bowens-mount studio flashes is available under the Falcon Eyes brand.

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