‘Game changing’ Bowens X system revealed at Photokina

Bowens XMT 500

Bowens has finally unveiled its Generation X studio flash system, comprising the XMT 500 and XMS 500, 750 and 1000.

Bowens and Calumet taken over by European investment group

New Bowens managing director, Eugene Ciemnyjewski

Bowens International has been acquired by Aurelius Group and has a new managing director, Eugene Ciemnyjewski.

Bowens Generation X teasers appear at Photography Show

Bowens Lounge at The Photography Show 2016

Bowens' delayed Generation X flashes will be "available summer 2016", according to half-hidden posters at The Photography Show.

Delayed ‘Generation X’ flash blamed for Bowens trade show exit

Bowens Directors L-R Alan Walmsley,John Gobbi and John Gass

Bowens' pulled out from The Photography Show because its latest "Generation X" flash system was not ready for launch, the company says.

Bowens distributing LED Light Cube, the flash with ‘no recycle time’

LED Light Cube

The LED Light Cube, a stackable photography light with user-set flash durations, is now on sale in the US and UK.

Bowens, Sekonic & PocketWizard join forces in flash triggering

PocketWizard Plus III for Bowens

Bowens Gemini monolights will now accept optional PocketWizard radio modules.

New Bowens manager plans ‘radio-tech’ flashes & increased market share

Emerson Roberts, Bowens MD

Bowens has appointed a new manager promising "a sea change" in the company's operations including a focus on product development.

Bowens Gemini 400Rx studio flash review

Bowens Gemini 400Rx

The Gemini 400Rx is the latest compact flash offering from Bowens. David Monteith-Hodge gives it a whirl.

Bowens introduce entry-level monolights with built-in radio

Bowens Gemini 400RX

Bowens have updated their entry-level Gemini 200 & 400 monolights by building a radio receiver into each flash head.

Two new monolight releases

Bowens Gemini Classic 500C

Paul C. Buff Einsteins are "Now Available" (but not in stock). Bowens have released the Gemini Classic 500C monolight.

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