Lencarta won’t be at the Photography Show either

Lencarta at The Photography Show 2016

Lencarta has apparently pulled out of a UK trade fair because "new products... won't be ready", following a similar move by Bowens.

Lencarta SmartFlash 2 review

Lencarta SmartFlash 2

A week with Lencarta's newest remote-controllable studio light, the SmartFlash 2. For £110, is it any good?

Lencarta SmartFlash 2 is £110 home studio light with remote control

Lencarta SmartFlash 2

The Lencarta SmartFlash 2 is a 200Ws home studio light with rather a lot to offer.

Lencarta ‘Atom’ bare-bulb flashes are coming to the UK in July

Godox Witstro AD180

The Godox Witstro portable flash system is to be sold under the Lencarta brand, starting at £400.

Focus 2013: Lencarta brings out SuperFast flash heads, S-mount LED

Lencarta 600 SF at Focus On Imaging 2013

Lencarta announced two lines of photographic lights at the Focus On Imaging 2013 trade show last week.

Strobeam and Lencarta remote-controllable studio flashes reviewed

Lencarta UltraPro

Phil Harbord has written comprehensive reviews of the Lencarta UltraPro 300, Strobeam EID G-5 and Strobeam DL250 Mark III.

New studio lights at Focus 2012

StroBeam EID G-5

Lencarta launch the UltraPro range of studio flashes, while StroBeam release a series of remotely controllable portable flashes with IGBT. Plus: a nifty accessory for untidy photo studios.

Lencarta’s new UltraPro monolight ‘delivers power and control’

Lencarta UltraPro

At Focus On Imaging 2012, Lencarta will launch their latest UltraPro series of monolights. Based on "the result of customer feedback and suggestions" they include built-in radio triggering, wireless remote control and fast flash durations.

Lencarta: rebadged Jinbei products?

Lencarta Safari and Jinbei RD-600

Lighting Rumours got the opportunity to talk to Lencarta's technical advisor, Garry Edwards, to discuss the differences between Jinbei and Lencarta studio lights.

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