Magneflash Speedlamp: a £10 modelling lamp add-on for speedlights

Magneflash Speedlamp

The Magneflash Speedlamp is an LED modelling light you can add to your flashguns to save time during photoshoots.

Magneflash A-Lux V2000 moisture-proof LED monolights ‘work anywhere’

Magneflash A-Lux Video Mono V2000

Magneflash has released the V2000 Video Mono and Videoplus, two UK-made, sub-£100 LED lamps designed for stills and video lighting.

The British-made portable flash that works with compact cameras

Peter Louden and the Magneflash A-Lux Monos

A quick look at the Magneflash A-Lux Monos portable flash series and a chat with its creator Peter Louden.

New Magneflash A-Lux portable flashes are built for high speed

Magneflash A-Lux Mono M302

A new series of British-made flashes promise to offer consistent, high-speed lighting for location photographers.

New brand of UK-made portable monolights ‘support TTL’

Magneflash Splash Monos

Magneflash have brought out the 'Splash' line of weather-resistant studio flashes with built-in batteries and support for automatic cameras.

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