Tested: studio flash that works with high speed sync

Promaster D400R

After buying a Mettle DR-series monolight, J.L. Williams discovered it has an "FP" mode that can work with a camera's HSS system to sync at any shutter speed.

New Flashpoint monolights, triggers coming in 2012

Flashpoint 320M AC/DC monolight

Adorama are working on some new own-brand lighting equipment, expected to be officially announced and released next year.

Affordable high speed monolights from Mettle

Mettle D400R

Mettle have introduced a budget-priced IGBT monolight with flash durations as fast as 1/10,000 second. Promaster are selling the D400R for under $400 in the USA.

Mettle 300/600J AC/DC flashes available in USA

Mettle 600AD

USA seller OEC Camera have listed a pair of 300J/600J Bowens S-fit AC/DC studio flashes.

Doubleclick DFP Tutorial