Phottix Indra500LC is a Canon-RT-compatible studio light

Phottix Indra500LC

The Phottix Indra500LC is a 500J TTL studio flash compatible with the Canon ST-E3-RT and Phottix Laso flash triggers.

Elinchrom, Phottix & Sekonic to make joint lighting control system

Elinchrom, Phottix and Sekonic lighting control system

Upcoming new products include a high-speed Skyport, accessory mounting for the Indra500 & Elinchrom/Phottix flash meter triggering.

Mac Group US now official Phottix distributor in America

Phottix Indra500

As well as handling Phottix products in western Europe, the Mac Group has become the official Phottix distributor for the United States.

Phottix now distributed by Mac Group Europe

Phottix Indra360

Mac Group Europe now distributes Phottix photo products in the UK, Ireland, France and Germany.

Phottix Indra 360 is a lower-powered TTL monolight

Phottix Indra 360

Phottix has announced the Indra 360, a radio-enabled TTL monolight to join the company's Indra 500 flash head.

The Phottix Indra500 high-speed TTL studio flash is now shipping

Phottix Indra500

Phottix's Indra500, a HSS TTL monolight that works with the Mitros+ and Odin TTL radio system, is now shipping to retailers.

Phottix Indra500 TTL studio light has built-in radio and HSS

Phottix Indra 500 TTL

Phottix has announced the Indra 500, a full-sized AC/DC monolight with built-in 2.4GHz Odin TTL receiver and a colour screen.

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