Priolite Ultra MBX500-HS successfully funded on Kickstarter

Priolite Ultra, a compact battery flash with "unprecedented HSS control", has received $100k in crowdfunding.

Priolite HotSync for Pentax brings HSS to medium format

Priolite Hot Sync Remote Control and MBX500 Hot Sync

Priolite, the German lighting manufacturer, has announced a high-speed sync solution for Pentax cameras.

Priolite Hot Sync Remote brings monolight HSS for Nikon & Canon

Priolite Hot Sync Remote Control and MBX500 Hot Sync

Getting the fastest speeds with Priolite studio flashes is much easier thanks to a new Hot Sync Remote Control.

Now shipping: Priolite’s go-anywhere HotSync studio flash

Priolite Hot Sync MBX 500

Pre-orders are now shipping for the Priolite MBX500 HotSync, a portable studio flash with HSS support.

Priolite developing ‘Hot Sync’ HSS monolights (updated)

Priolite Hot Sync MBX 500

Battery-powered 500J studio flashes offering 1/8000 second sync are in the works.

Priolite battery-powered lighting now available in the UK

Priolite LED400

Courtenay Studios has become the UK distributor of Priolite, the German manufacturer of portable lighting gear.

New battery-powered location packs & heads from Priolite

Priolite MBX 500

Priolite has launched the MBX 500/1000 monolights, M-Pack 500/1000 generator system and LED-400 continuous lamp.

Priolite MB1000 battery flash to appear at Photokina

Priolite MB500

German manufacturer reveals plans this September to launch a 1000J monolight with a built-in lithium battery and wireless control.

Priolite MB500 Lithium Battery Flash: an update

Priolite CEO Joachim Renschke with the new Priolite MB500

You might have noticed the emerging company Priolite at Photokina. Where are they now, and where can you buy their equipment?

German lighting innovation abounds at Photokina

Priolite CEO Joachim Renschke with the new Priolite MB500

The German lighting makers have certainly been hard at work this year. Before Photokina even begins in Cologne, many of the host country's firms have already unveiled an array of innovations in photographic lighting.

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