Profoto AirTTL to support Sony Alpha cameras

Profoto Air Remote TTL-S

The Profoto B1, B2, D2 and Pro-10 TTL studio flashes will get Sony support in "early 2017".

Profoto D2 announced: high-speed monolight with TTL

Profoto D2 AirTTL

Profoto has announced the D2 AirTTL, which it calls "the world's fastest monolight".

Phase One XF cameras have Profoto Air triggering built-in

Phase One XF IQ3 80MP

Phase One has unveiled its XF digital backs, integrated with the Profoto Air flash triggering system.

Profoto finally adds high-speed sync to B1 AirTTL battery flash

Profoto B1 HSS

Bringing big flash heads outdoors? The Profoto B1 now has HSS support, letting it work at fast shutter speeds in bright ambient light.

Profoto teases ‘H’, ‘S’, ‘S’ for 15 December: HSS at last?

Profoto H

Could it be? Is high-speed sync support coming to the Profoto B1 studio flash? (Probably, yes)

Profoto B1 gets Nikon TTL, support for further brands hinted

Profoto Air Remote TTL-N/C

Profoto has released its Nikon-compatible TTL trigger for the B1 AirTTL 500 location lighting system.

Profoto Air Remote TTL-N available for pre-order

Profoto Air Remote TTL-C

You can now order a trigger that adds Nikon i-TTL support to the Profoto B1 AirTTL 500 location monolight.

Profoto B1 for Nikon coming September, seeking beta testers

The Profoto Air Remote TTL-N will be released on 15 September. Before then, photographers can apply to be a "Nikon test pilot".

Profoto releases B1 off-camera flash kit for location work

Profoto B1 Location Kit

Profoto recently announced the B1 Location Kit, providing high-powered TTL flash on the go.

Profoto B1 now has TTL metering for Canon 1D X (for real this time!)

Profoto B1 500 AirTTL

Profoto has re-released a bug-free firmware update to enable TTL with the B1 and Canon 1D X.

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