Quantuum and Genesis brands merge to become Quadralite

Quadralite VideoLED 600

Global brand 'Quadralite' launches at The Photography Show, with raft of portable lighting products including flashes, studio lights and LEDs.

Quantuum bring out touchscreen monolights with remote control

Quantuum T 800 Mk2 touchscreen interface

Touchscreens have already made it on to mobile phones, compact cameras and DSLRs so it was only a matter of time before they started encroaching on studio lighting territory too.

Low price, high speed monolights come to Europe

Quantuum R+ 300 Digital HS

Freezing action with studio lights just got cheaper, as Walimex and Quantuum each introduce fast flash duration digital monolights.

News/reviews: Pixel TR-332, portable monolights

Flashpoint 320M AC/DC monolight

Reviews on two portable DC monolights, plus a Groups feature announced in the Pixel TR-332 Canon E-TTL triggers. Read on for full reviews and details.

Touch-screen monolights from Quantuum

Quantuum T800

The Menik touch-screen monolights, mentioned in an earlier post, are available in Europe under the Polish "Quantuum" brand.

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