Rime Lite

Dynalite Baja B6 battery flash introduced

Dynalite Baja B6

The new Dynalite Baja B6 is a powerful monolight with a built-in battery, support for remote control and HSS.

Rime Lite Swing-III adds HSS to portable i-series monolights

Rime Lite Swing III

Rime Lite has developed a studio flash trigger that will add high-speed sync support to its range of studio lights.

Dynalite Baja battery monolight is “a better portable flash solution”

Dynalite Baja

Dynalite has released a new 400Ws portable wireless flash called the Baja B4, featuring a lithium-ion battery and 2.4GHz triggering.

Dynalite teases new product — Rime Lite i-series coming to USA?

Dynalite teaser

Dynalite has posted a teaser for an upcoming new light, likely a battery-powered location monobloc.

More power on location: Rime Lite adds i6 mobile strobe

Rime Lite has added to its i-series of portable studio flashes with the new 600Ws i6.

Rime Lite i2 & i4 Mobile Strobes now have removable batteries

Rime Lite i4 battery compartment

Rime Lite's portable studio lights, the i2 and i4, have been redesigned so that users can swap batteries in and out during photoshoots.

Rime Lite i4 with mobile battery promises “a whole new vision for the strobe”

Rime Lite i-series specifications

Thanks to lithium ion battery technology, more and more lighting manufacturers are exploring the concept of portable flash heads with built-in power packs.

Rime Lite XB Prime now available in USA

Rime Lite XB Prime 12

Rime Lite's XB Prime studio lighting system has been launched in the USA. There will be 300Ws, 500Ws, 700Ws and 1200Ws models as well as a range of remote-controlling accessories.

Rime Lite XB Prime series reviewed

Diagram of the Rime Lite XB Prime wireless system

A review of Rime Lite's XB Prime studio flash system, also known as Fomei Digital Pro X, Lightrein DR and Mikrosat Digital R.

Lightrein introduces new LR4A, LR7DR & LR12DR monolights

Lightrein LR4A, LR7DR and LR12DR

Lightrein, Canadian distributor of Rime Lite, have announced three new monolights: the LR4A, LR7DR and LR12DR. Press release inside.

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