High-speed flash maker StroBeam has gone out of business

StroBeam at Focus On Imaging 2013

StroBeam, the British photographic supplier known for its high-speed flash heads, is no longer trading.

Focus 2013: StroBeam stand — full TTL monolights on their way?

StroBeam at Focus On Imaging 2013

Photographers can expect to see full-blown studio lights with wireless TTL exposure control in the future.

StroBeam D4 IGBT HSS: another monolight with ‘high speed sync’

StroBeam D4 HSS IGBT

StroBeam has announced the D4 IGBT HSS, a portable battery-powered studio flash that is billed to work at fast shutter speeds.

Strobeam and Lencarta remote-controllable studio flashes reviewed

Lencarta UltraPro

Phil Harbord has written comprehensive reviews of the Lencarta UltraPro 300, Strobeam EID G-5 and Strobeam DL250 Mark III.

New studio lights at Focus 2012

StroBeam EID G-5

Lencarta launch the UltraPro range of studio flashes, while StroBeam release a series of remotely controllable portable flashes with IGBT. Plus: a nifty accessory for untidy photo studios.

Strobeam EID500: portable IGBT flash with remote control

Strobeam EID500

British studio supplier Viewfinder Photography have released the Strobeam EID500, a 500J AC/DC monolight with fast flash durations and remote power control.

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