Elinchrom ELB 1200 ‘adventure light’ portable flash system unveiled

Elinchrom ELB 1200

Swiss lighting manufacturer Elinchrom has announced the ELB 1200, a powerful, portable battery-powered flash system for location photography.

Godox BT5800 high-capacity battery now available on eBay

Godox BT5800

The Godox BT5800 is a flash battery pack, a portable power source for LED lights and USB charger, and it can be yours for $98.

Unique Photo becomes new Hensel USA distributor

Hensel team

Hensel-Visit, the German lighting manufacturer, has a new distributor in the USA.

Profoto Air Remote TTL-S for Sony released

Profoto Air Remote TTL-S

Sony users can finally use Profoto studio flashes in TTL mode, as the Air Remote TTL-S is now in stock.

Godox BT5800 adds greater capacity to PB960 battery pack

Godox BT5800

The Godox BT5800 is a Li-ion battery adding longer life, a charge indicator and a USB port to the PB960 power pack.

Metz P8 Power Pack is an 8-AA battery pack for the 64 AF-1

Metz P8 Power Pack

Metz has announced the P8 Power Pack, an external battery pack to power the 64 AF-1 flash unit.

TTL studio flashes: what are your options?

Godox Witstro AD600

A list of every TTL studio flash available.

Broncolor Move & Siros L get high-speed sync, thanks to Godox

Broncolor RFS 2.2

Broncolor's new RFS 2.2 transceiver remotely controls flashes and supports 1/8000 second sync. Also: new grids.

Elinchrom Skyport Plus HS adds Olympus support

Elinchrom EL-Skyport Plus HS for Olympus

The Elinchrom EL-Skyport Plus HS now lets Olympus users sync their flashes at up to 1/8000 second.

‘World’s fastest flash’ Profoto Pro-10 is a studio pack with TTL

Profoto Pro-10

Profoto has released the Pro-10 2400 AirTTL, claimed to be "officially the world's fastest flash".

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