Broncolor Move & Siros L get high-speed sync, thanks to Godox

Broncolor RFS 2.2

Broncolor's new RFS 2.2 transceiver remotely controls flashes and supports 1/8000 second sync. Also: new grids.

Control Broncolors from a flash meter with Gossen DigiSky update

Gossen DigiSky light meter

The Gossen DigiSky flash meter has received a firmware update enabling radio control of Broncolor photography lights, adding to existing Elinchrom & Phottix support.

Broncolor RFS 2.1 brings per-lamp radio control

Broncolor has updated its studio flash triggering system with improved remote control capabilities.

Broncolor deal: save 35% on Mobil A2L Travel Kit

Broncolor Mobil A2L Travel Kit

Between now and 15th December 2012, if you buy a lithium-powered Broncolor Mobil A2R Travel Kit, you will save a whopping $1,600 on the usual price.

Broncolor announce ‘Move’ 1200J lithium battery generator

Broncolor Move 1200 L

Swiss manufacturer Bron has revealed a high-end location lighting generator called the Move 1200 L.

Broncolor announce high-end Scoro E, Scoro S power packs

Broncolor Scoro S

Two new studio power packs have been announced by Broncolor, the high-end Swiss lighting manufacturer.

Broncolor announces ‘best-ever’ trade-in offer

Broncolor Scoro AS family

The Broncolor Grafit power pack is now discontinued, but if you trade yours in before 31st May you can get 30% off a new Scoro AS pack, saving up to £2100.

Broncolor and Elinchrom gear unveiled at Photokina

Broncolor Senso A2 and A4

Broncolor release a new radio system, two new packs and a head. Elinchrom show two new portable heads and Gossen release an Elinchrom-compatible light meter.

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