Elinchrom ELB 1200 ‘adventure light’ portable flash system unveiled

Elinchrom ELB 1200

Swiss lighting manufacturer Elinchrom has announced the ELB 1200, a powerful, portable battery-powered flash system for location photography.

Elinchrom Skyport Plus HS adds Olympus support

Elinchrom EL-Skyport Plus HS for Olympus

The Elinchrom EL-Skyport Plus HS now lets Olympus users sync their flashes at up to 1/8000 second.

Elinchrom Quadra ELB 400 portable compact flash pack announced

Elinchrom Quadra ELB 400

Elinchrom has announced the Quadra ELB 400, the successor to its popular Ranger Quadra portable flash system.

Elinchrom introduce four new lines of remotely controllable flashes

Elinchrom D-Lite RX ONE

Elinchrom have announced the BRX, Quadra Hybrid RX, D-Lite RX and D-Lite RX ONE flash systems, all of which you can adjust wirelessly using Skyports.

Lithium battery packs for Ranger Quadra on shelves soon

Elinchrom Lithium Ion Battery Box for Ranger Quadra

Elinchrom's new high-capacity lithium battery pack for the Ranger Quadra RX is en route to dealers.

Smaller, lighter battery for Elinchrom Ranger Quadra

Elinchrom Lithium Ion Battery Box for Ranger Quadra

Elinchrom will bring out a lithium battery pack for their Ranger Quadra RX location lighting system. Compared to the older lead-gel battery, the new one will be a kilogram lighter and 30% smaller but with double the capacity.

Elinchrom announce three zooming flash heads

Elinchrom Zoom Pro HD flash head

Elinchrom have announced three new "Zoom" flash heads for their mains power packs, the Zoom Action, Zoom Pro and Zoom Pro HD.

Elinchrom RQ Eco Ringflash for Ranger Quadra

Elinchrom RQ Ringflash Eco

Elinchrom have announced the new RQ Ringflash ECO, a "modest priced" ring flash for the Ranger Quadra.

Broncolor and Elinchrom gear unveiled at Photokina

Broncolor Senso A2 and A4

Broncolor release a new radio system, two new packs and a head. Elinchrom show two new portable heads and Gossen release an Elinchrom-compatible light meter.

New Elinchrom Ranger RX Quadra AS

Elinchrom have announced the new Ranger RX Quadra, with bright LEDs, computer remote control and wireless firmware updates.

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