Godox BT5800 high-capacity battery now available on eBay

Godox BT5800

The Godox BT5800 is a flash battery pack, a portable power source for LED lights and USB charger, and it can be yours for $98.

Godox BT5800 adds greater capacity to PB960 battery pack

Godox BT5800

The Godox BT5800 is a Li-ion battery adding longer life, a charge indicator and a USB port to the PB960 power pack.

Elinchrom partners with Godox to offer portable lighting power

Godox Leadpower LP800X

Elinchrom has joined forces with Godox to offer AC/DC portable lighting to location photographers.

Cheetah Light CL-600 portable lighting system on its way

Godox XExpert RS600P

CheetahStand, the Texan lighting brand, has a new battery-powered flash system slated for release this June.

Seaport Volta V-385 studio inverter lasts ‘twice as long’ as the competition

Seaport Digital Volta V-385

The Volta V-385 has a whopping 26Ah battery pack to keep your mains-powered studio lights running for longer on location and outdoors.

Godox XEnergizer RS-series is a sturdier location pack and head

Godox XEnergizer RS400P

Godox's latest XEnergizer location flash has a stronger head designed to accept heavier light shapers.

Pixapro PowerGenerator 800 battery inverter review

PixaPro PowerGenerator 800

Bruce tests the PowerGenerator, a pure sine wave battery pack designed to power studio lights on location.

Flashpoint Blast Pack will power your speedlights

Flashpoint Blast Power Pack BP-960

Adorama has recently released a new portable battery pack under the Flashpoint brand.

First Godox XEnergizer hands-on review published

Picture: theflasher.eu

Reviews are appearing for Godox's XEnergizer 600 portable flash system.

Godox XEnergizer is a location lighting kit with remote power control

Godox XEnergizer

Godox has released a remote-controllable battery-powered pack-and-head flash system called the XEnergizer series.

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