Jinbei Discovery pack quietly updated with LCD screen, built-in radio

Jinbei Discovery DC-1200

Jinbei seems to have updated its Discovery lighting system with a new case, different controls and a built-in 2.4GHz receiver.

Jinbei Energon EN-350 provides portable power for studio lights

Jinbei Energon EN-350

Jinbei has announced a new lightweight battery inverter for powering studio flashes outdoors.

Jinbei Freelander FL II 500 location lighting system review

We have had the Jinbei FL II 500 for quite a while here in the Lighting Rumours bunker and have taken it for a long spin to test it out to its fullest. How did it fare?

New metal Jinbei Discovery head can hold heavier accessories

Jinbei DC-600 Pro Head with reflector

The Jinbei DC-600's plastic flash head was incapable of supporting heavier light modifiers but now you can buy a stronger metal one.

Jinbei Energon EN-760 portable power pack

Jinbei Energon EN-760

Jinbei have unveiled the Energon EN-760, a mains-output battery pack. The Energon is a battery fitted with a pure sine wave inverter so that you can power your AC studio flashes on location.

Jinbei Discovery DC-600 review

After a long trip from China (thanks to the efforts of our audacious editor) we got a Jinbei Discovery DC-600 to review. How will this pack stack up against the established brands? Check our in-depth review to find out.

Jinbei updates the FreeLander series

Jinbei Free Lander FL-500

As seen in Shanghai Photo & Imaging, we have more info and details of the Jinbei FreeLander battery-powered pack and head.

Jinbei Discovery DC-600 and DC-1200 prices

Jinbei Discovery DC-600

Final prices have been revealed for Jinbei's Discovery outdoor battery flash system.

Jinbei’s new Milestone New 2, Digital Master 2 and Discovery

Jinbei Milestone New 2 at Photokina

China's largest studio lighting manufacturer, Jinbei (aka Caler Electrics), have revamped three major product lines.

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