Tronix Explorer P-Dock review – a 4 speedlite battery pack

Tronix Explorer P-Dock

Robbert Dijkstra reviews the Tronix Explorer P-Dock, a high-performance Li-ion battery pack that powers 4 speedlites at once.

Tronix Explorer 500Li now available to power your lights on location

Tronix Explorer 500Li with studio flash

Innovatronix's first lithium-powered pure sine wave battery inverter, the Tronix Explorer 500Li, is now available.

Innovatronix charges ahead with Li-ion batteries for studio & camera flashes

Tronix Explorer 500Li battery

Innovatronix has launched its first lithium battery inverter, the Tronix Explorer 500Li, and a speedlight battery pack, the Tronix P-Dock.

Innovatronix to release lithium ion battery inverters “next year”

Tronix Explorer XT3Li battery pack at Photokina

Innovatronix say they have Li-ion Tronix Explorer battery packs "in the pipeline" for next year, following the demonstration of prototypes at the Photokina trade fair last week.

Innovatronix Explorer Mini 230V review

Innovatronix Explorer Mini

The Tronix Explorer Mini is a battery inverter designed for portability. How does it fare powering our studio lights on location?

Innovatronix Explorer Mini 230V released

Tronix Explorer Mini 230V with Schuko socket

You can now order the Tronix Explorer Mini battery pack directly from Innovatronix's web site for US$349.

Tronix Explorer Mini 230V battery pack “shipping soon”

Tronix Explorer Mini 230V with Elinchrom BX500Ri

The international version of the Tronix Explorer Mini battery pack will ship to dealers around the 20th August, according to Innovatronix.

Using the Explorer XT SE with two monolights

We test out Innovatronix's Explorer XT SE pure sine wave inverter battery pack with a pair of Bowens Gemini GM400 monolights.

Innovatronix reveal Explorer XT3 and Mini specs

Innovatronix Explorer Mini

Innovatronix have released the final specifications, prices and release dates for their upcoming Tronix Explorer XT3 and Explorer Mini pure sine wave battery packs.

New Tronix XT3 and Explorer Mini from Innovatronix

Explorer XT3 and Explorer Mini

Innovatronix launched a teaser for their recent additions to their product line the: XT3 and the Explorer Mini. Also they have confirmed their presence in WPPI 2011 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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