New releases

Caler 580RF is Jinbei’s answer to the Yongnuo YN560 IV

Caler 580

Jinbei has introduced a simple manual speedlight with a built-in radio transceiver, called the Caler 580RF.

Metz mecalight LED-72 is a colourful selfie light

Metz Mecalight LED-72

Metz has announced a new light designed specifically for use with mobile phone cameras.

Manfrotto Lumie LEDs provide portable lighting for small cameras

Manfrotto Lumie Art LED

Manfrotto has announced the Lumie Art, Play and Muse, three small LED lamps for stills and video lighting.

Flashpoint lithium-ion ring flash now on sale at Adorama

Adorama Flashpoint Ring Li-On

Adorama is now selling its own version of the Godox AR400, a self-contained ring flash system.

Venus Optics introduces Macro Twin Flash KX-800

Macro Twin Flash KX-800

The KX-800 comprises three flexible arms, two flash heads and one LED, for lighting very small objects such as flowers and insects.

Fiilex Q1000 LED has double the power

Fiilex Q1000

Fiilex has announced a new bi-colour LED light for photographers and videographers, the Q1000, with twice the power of the Q500.

Phottix introduces new Luna softboxes


Phottix has released some new softboxes and a beauty dish.

Pixel releases new, bigger Sonnon DL-914 LED panel/flash

Pixel Sonnon DL-914

The Pixel Sonnon DL-914 is an LED panel with 4100 lux, and a radio-enabled flash mode with a guide number of 28.

ExpoImaging announces the Rogue Flashbender 2


ExpoImaging has updated the Rogue Flashbender, a flexible speedlight reflector that can be bent into any shape.

Westcott announces the Ice Light 2


Westcott has updated its Ice Light LED stick light with a removable battery, increased brightness and Bluetooth support.

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