New releases

Sekonic C-7000 industrial spectrometer released

Sekonic Spectromaster C-7000

Sekonic has introduced a new light meter, the Spectromaster C-7000, designed for industrial applications.

LumoPro LightSwitch is a flash case & modifier combo

LP742 Case Open

LumoPro has announced the LightSwitch, a speedlight case that unfolds into a multi-purpose light modifier.

LumoPro LP605M is a light stand that converts into a monopod

LP605M Light Stand 2

The LumoPro LP605M will support either your lights or your camera, thanks to three retractable monopod feet.

Hensel announces Bounce Adapter for softboxes


The new Bounce Adapter from Hensel lets you mount flashes inside softboxes and use them in a new way.

Shanny SN910EX-RF introduced with ‘W-CLS’ radio TTL for Nikon

Shanny Speedlite SN910EX-RF

The Shanny SN910EX-RF is the first flash in the 2.4GHz 'Wireless Creative Lighting System' for Nikon.

Phoebus 600AX: a TTL flash with colour touchscreen and built-in radio

Phoebus 600 AX Speedlite

A new flash, the Phoebus 600AX, has been released with a fancy-looking 2.2-inch colour screen and high-end features.

Aladdin introduces the Bi-Flex: a bi-colour flexible LED panel


The Aladdin Bi-Flex is a bendy, lightweight LED panel designed for professionals.

Canon Speedlite 430EX III-RT announced with built-in radio master

Canon 430EX III-RT

The Canon 430EX III-RT adds radio transmission and other improvements to the Speedlite 430EX II.

Westcott LunaGrip quickly pairs speedlights and reflectors

Westcott LunaGrip

The Westcott LunaGrip holds a 20–42" reflector or diffuser in front of your flash, turning it into a large light source.

Nissin Air 1 + Di700A radio flash now available for Sony

Nissin Air Commander 1

Nissin's 2.4GHz flash system, comprising the Di700A and Air 1 Commander, is now available for Sony as well as Canon and Nikon.

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