New releases

LumiQuest now offers UltraStrap bundled with flash accessories

LumiQuest Softbox III and UltraStrap Bundle

LumiQuest speedlight accessories are now available bundled with an UltraStrap mounting strap.

Metz releases the 26 AF-1, a compact bounce flash for small cameras

Metz Mecablitz 26 AF-1

German flash maker Metz has introduced a new tilting flash, the Mecablitz 26 AF-1, with TTL for every camera system.

Magneflash Speedlamp: a £10 modelling lamp add-on for speedlights

Magneflash Speedlamp

The Magneflash Speedlamp is an LED modelling light you can add to your flashguns to save time during photoshoots.

Magneflash A-Lux V2000 moisture-proof LED monolights ‘work anywhere’

Magneflash A-Lux Video Mono V2000

Magneflash has released the V2000 Video Mono and Videoplus, two UK-made, sub-£100 LED lamps designed for stills and video lighting.

Voeloon 810-RT is a TTL trigger with LCD controls and AF-assist

Voeloon 810-RT

A new wireless remote, the Voeloon 810-RT, promises to build all the features a flash photographer needs into one device.

Adorama now sells Li-ion camera flashguns with high-speed sync

Flashpoint Zoom Li-ion

The Flashpoint Zoom Li-ion (a rebranded Godox Ving) is a lithium-powered flashgun available in manual and Canon/Nikon TTL variants.

Eliminate phone photo shadows with the Photojojo Smartphone Ring Light

Photojojo Smartphone Ring Light

Glam up your mobile photography with this bi-colour LED Ring Light for cameraphones.

You can now buy Yongnuo lighting gear from B&H

Yongnuo YN560-TX

The low-price Chinese photography brand just went mainstream: B&H Photo has started listing Yongnuo lighting gear.

Relio is a pocket-sized, USB-powered LED light with high CRI

Relio LED

Quality, not quantity? The Relio is a micro-USB powered LED lamp offering "Sun-like" colour rendering.

The Phottix Indra500 high-speed TTL studio flash is now shipping

Phottix Indra500

Phottix's Indra500, a HSS TTL monolight that works with the Mitros+ and Odin TTL radio system, is now shipping to retailers.

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