New releases

Profoto finally adds high-speed sync to B1 AirTTL battery flash

Profoto B1 HSS

Bringing big flash heads outdoors? The Profoto B1 now has HSS support, letting it work at fast shutter speeds in bright ambient light.

Profoto releases 4-foot RFi Octa softbox for fashion and portraiture

Profoto RFI 4' Octa

Swedish lighting manufacturer Profoto has announced a new 8-sided light modifier said to be "perfectly sized" for people photography.

Sekonic Spectromaster meters ‘first to measure any light source’

Sekonic Spectromaster C-700

Sekonic has released two new spectrometers, the Spectromaster C-700 and C-700R, designed to meter all kinds of light, flash and continuous.

Honl Light Paddle is a ‘super lightweight’ flash reflector

Honl Light Paddle

The Honl Light Paddle is a flexible 3-in-1 reflector that attaches to the head of your speedlight.

Phottix updates the Mitros and Mitros+ for Sony

Phottix Mitros+ Sony

Phottix has updated its Sony-fit Mitros-series flashguns to use the new Multi-Interface Shoe standard.

YongNuo’s Speedlite YN600EX-RT is finally available

Yongnuo Speedlite YN-E3-RT and YN600EX-RT

Yongnuo's radio-enabled TTL flash, the YN600EX-RT — designed to be compatible with Canon's RT system — is now on sale.

Profoto releases six small, deep parabolic umbrellas


Profoto's new umbrellas come in a range of different styles, all with a parabolic shape for a more focussed, efficient light output.

Fstoppers introduces the FlashDisc


The FlashDisc is a small, portable speedlight softbox that fits in your pocket and can also be used as a grey card.

Westcott to bring flexible LED panels to US & Australia

Westcott Flex

Westcott is distributing the Flex, a bendable, water-resistant LED panel designed for stills and video lighting.

Bowens adds ‘affordable’ flash heads for Creo system

Bowens Creo Light Stick

Bowens has announced a range of new special effects flash heads for the Creo generator system.

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