New releases

Godox AD600 remote heads support up to 2400Ws output

AD600 02

Godox's new modular Witstro heads can connect to multiple AD600s, providing 1200/2400Ws output.

Metz mecablitz 26 AF-2 ‘pocketable’ flash announced

Metz Mecablitz 26 AF-2

Metz has announced the Mecablitz 26 AF-2, a small tilting flash unit, for Canon, Nikon, Micro Four Thirds, Sony and Fujifilm cameras.

RoboSHOOT hybrid Fuji–Nikon flash triggers distributed in USA


RoboSHOOT radio triggers, which let you use Nikon TTL flashes with Fuji X cameras, are now distributed in the USA by OmegaBrandess.

Elinchrom EL-Skyport Plus ‘will trigger any flash’

Elinchrom EL-Skyport Plus Transmitter

Elinchrom has announced a universal flash triggering system called EL-Skyport Plus.

Profoto OCF Gels bring colour effects to B1 & B2 flashes

Profoto OCF Gels

Profoto has announced a new colour filter holder for its Off Camera Flash system.

Elinchrom partners with Godox to offer portable lighting power

Godox Leadpower LP800X

Elinchrom has joined forces with Godox to offer AC/DC portable lighting to location photographers.

Kupo introduces stackable Click light stands


Kupo's new Click light stands have a clever feature making them more compact than most for transport and storage.

Profoto releases folding Beauty Dish for location work

Profoto OCF Beauty Dish

Profoto has announced a new collapsible beauty dish for its B1 and B2 portable flashes.

Menik SJD200 is an AC/DC bare-bulb flash and Witstro lookalike

Bessel SJD200

The Menik SJD200 promises "the convenience of a flashgun with the lighting power of a studio lamp".

Polaroid BrightSaber Pro: a light wand for the studio & on location

Polaroid BrightSaber Pro

Polaroid's battery-powered LED light sabre claims to be "the easiest and most affordable way to get a perfectly lit shot".

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