New releases

Vello FreeWave Aviator is a big-screened TTL trigger

Vello FreeWave Aviator

The Vello Aviator gives you control of 3 groups of Canon E-TTL or Nikon i-TTL flashes at ranges up to 300 feet.

Hähnel Captur is a sound, light, laser and IR trigger

Hähnel Captur example: shot using a light sensor

Hähnel Captur is a complete high-speed photography system that will also work as an ordinary flash trigger.

Exalux Briks modular LED lighting kit review

Exalux Brik outdoors

The Exalux Briks are high-end bi-colour LEDs with an interconnecting block design and Bluetooth control. Are they any good?

Speedlite Partner is a 3-in-1 TTL trigger, battery & flash stand

Nicefoto Speedlite Partner PH-280

Nicefoto's one flash accessory will do it all: trigger, power and support your speedlites on location. It even has wireless TTL.

Micansu LED bulbs ‘to revolutionise photographic lighting’

Micansu LED Photographic Bulb

Smick has introduced high-CRI LED photographic bulbs that are longer-lasting and brighter than CFLs.

Fluotec releases Auralux and Vegalux Plus LED fresnels

Fluotec Vegalux Plus

Fluotec has launched the Vegalux Plus and Auralux Plus, two LED fresnels designed for professional photography.

Elinchrom adds 4 new Litemotiv Indirect softboxes

Elinchrom Litemotiv Indirect Octa

Elinchrom has announced the Litemotiv Indirect Octa, Square, Recta and Strip softboxes, with new heat-resistant, more efficient material.

Hermaphrodite Triopo TR-988 flash fits both Canon and Nikon hotshoes

Triopo TR-988 for Canon and Nikon

A new flash from Triopo has hotshoe pins for Nikon i-TTL and Canon E-TTL both at the same time.

Priolite HotSync for Pentax brings HSS to medium format

Priolite Hot Sync Remote Control and MBX500 Hot Sync

Priolite, the German lighting manufacturer, has announced a high-speed sync solution for Pentax cameras.

Exclusive deal: $30 off Flashpoint AutoStands at Adorama

Flashpoint 7' AutoStand

Save over 30% on these Flashpoint AutoStands, ideal for location shooting, thanks to an exclusive Lighting Rumours deal.

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