New releases

Interfit now carrying LEDGO continuous lighting

Interfit LEDGO

Interfit has announced it is the new exclusive distributor for LEDGO photo/video lighting in the USA.

Phottix Mitros+ brings radio-enabled TTL flash to Sony

Phottix Mitros+ for Sony

Phottix has announced a Sony version of its Mitros+ radio-enabled TTL flashgun.

Interfit announces new fluorescent ring light

Interfit Fluorescent Ring Light INT812

Interfit is bringing out a new 65W continuous ring light for photography and video shooting.

Yongnuo YN-622C-TX for Canon now available

Yongnuo YN-622C-TX

The Canon version of Yongnuo's YN-622 Wireless Flash Controller has been released.

MeiKe MK-310 cuts your master flash down to size

MeiKe MK310C

The MeiKe MK-310 is a new low-profile TTL flashgun with full advanced wireless master capabilities for Canon and Nikon.

MeiKe MK-GT600C provides full wireless E-TTL for Speedlites

MeiKe MK-GT600C

The MK-GT600C, from Chinese company MeiKe, is a 2.4GHz triggering system designed to carry TTL signals over ranges as far as 100 metres.

Cononmark releases Leopard K4T: the world’s first TTL HSS monobloc?

CononMark K4T

A Chinese lighting company has announced a full-sized studio flash offering TTL and high-speed sync (HSS) capabilities.

Multiblitz adds larger Glambox and smaller Octabox

Multiblitz Glambox 120

German lighting manufacturer Multiblitz has announced two new softboxes for the studio.

Radiopopper introduces new Jr2 trigger with hotshoe

RadioPopper Jr2

RadioPopper has announced their first advanced flash trigger with a built-in hotshoe.

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