New releases

Godox starts shipping TT350 speedlight for Olympus & Fujifilm cameras

Godox's compact TT350 speedlight is now available for Micro Four Thirds and Fujifilm mirrorless cameras.

Cactus V6 II flash triggers now offer cross-brand TTL

Cactus V6 IIs

Cactus V6 II triggers now support automatic TTL control between different camera and flash brands.

Phottix Ares II offers PIN-protected flash triggering

Phottix Ares II

Phottix's Ares II is a manual flash trigger with four wireless groups and a 'digital ID' feature to reduce interference.

Nicefoto K6 and K8 location flashes have detachable, stacking battery packs

Nicefoto K8 TTL.M with one battery

Nicefoto K-series flashes have TTL, HSS and modular battery packs that can be stacked together. A Godox AD600 killer?

Nicefoto N4 and N6 wireless studio flashes announced

Nicefoto N6 TTL.M

Nicefoto has announced the N-series of battery-powered studio flashes with TTL and HSS support.

Fotodiox introduce Flapjack Studio XL, a giant pancake-shaped LED light

Fotodiox Pro Flapjack Studio XL

Fotodiox has released a thin, 32-inch LED panel for soft lighting, just in time for Pancake Day.

Mecalight L1000 BC X is splashproof, bi-colour & Bluetooth-controlled

Metz Mecalight L1000 BC X

Metz has announced the Mecalight L1000 BC and L1000 BC X, two LED video lamps.

Elinchrom ELB 1200 ‘adventure light’ portable flash system unveiled

Elinchrom ELB 1200

Swiss lighting manufacturer Elinchrom has announced the ELB 1200, a powerful, portable battery-powered flash system for location photography.

Aurora Lite Bank Luma 800BI is a bi-colour LED panel for photo & video

Aurora Lite Bank Luma 800BI

Aurora Lite Bank has introduced the Luma 800BI, "the perfect lighting solution for photo and video".

Pixel releases adapters & flash triggers for Sony Multi-Interface shoe

Pixel Pawn TF-365 for Sony

Pixel now has flash triggers and hotshoe adapters designed for the Sony Multi Interface Shoe.

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