New releases

Fire RadioPoppers from a flash meter with new Sekonic Module

RadioPopper Sekonic Module

The RadioPopper Sekonic module fits into a light meter and triggers your flashes while taking exposure readings.

FlashQ is a small trigger for small cameras

FlashQ for Micro Four Thirds

A small, trendy flash trigger for compact DSLR & mirrorless cameras hopes to raise $25k via crowd-funding.

Phottix Mitros for Sony to be released in North America

Phottix Mitros for Sony

Phottix has just announced a Sony-compatible version of their well-received Mitros flash.

Now available: the Flashpoint StreakLight from Adorama

Flashpoint StreakLight 360 Ws Flash with Blast Power Pack

Adorama has announced that it will sell a high-powered bare-bulb flash called the StreakLight.

Interfit EX200Ti ‘little brother’ monolight announced

Interfit EX200Ti

Interfit Photographic has announced a new remote-controllable studio flash.

Lastolite introduces 3 new products to the Joe McNally range

Lastolite Joe McNally 4-in-1 Umbrella

Lastolite has added a new 4-in-1 Umbrella, Skylite Rapid with Masks and Ezybox Speedlite to the Joe McNally Signature range.

Latest N-Flash wireless studio flash has HSS

Nicefoto N-Flash HSS

Nicefoto has announced a battery-powered monolight with high-speed sync support.

Godox V860C lithium-fuelled E-TTL speedlight now on sale

Godox Ving V860

The Ving V860C, the E-TTL version of the innovative Godox Ving V850 Li-ion speedlight, has been released.

Manda palm-sized LED panels light up your smartphone photos

Manda SC-24

Manda has released a pair of small and portable LED panels designed for use with cameraphones.

The British-made portable flash that works with compact cameras

Peter Louden and the Magneflash A-Lux Monos

A quick look at the Magneflash A-Lux Monos portable flash series and a chat with its creator Peter Louden.

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