Multiblitz Parabrolly review: a 165 cm ‘deeper’ silver umbrella

The Parabrolly is well suitable for portraits

Francesco Rizzato reviews the Multiblitz 165 Parabrolly, a large silver parabolic umbrella. Is it any good?

SMDV Alpha Speedbox review

SMDV Alpha Speedbox with speedring adapters for Profoto, Bowens, Elinchrom, and Balcar.

Ken Doo reviews the SMDV Alpha Speedbox, a portable quick-assemble softbox for location lighting.

Phottix Varos Pro umbrella bracket review

Phottix Varos Pro

Imagine every feature a photographer could possibly want in an umbrella bracket. That's the Phottix Varos Pro. Is it any good?

Shanny SN910TX transmitter review


Shanny's "W-CLS" system is growing thanks to the new SN910TX radio transmitter, which can trigger the SN910EX-RF flash. Is it any good?

RoboSHOOT review: hybrid TTL flash trigger for Nikon/Fuji


This innovative product lets you use Nikon Speedlites in TTL mode on Fujifilm cameras. Is it too good to be true?

Lightpack review – ‘Ambilight’ for the computer


Lightpack increases the effective size of the light from your monitor, reducing eye-strain during long winter editing sessions.

Tronix Explorer P-Dock review – a 4 speedlite battery pack

Tronix Explorer P-Dock

Robbert Dijkstra reviews the Tronix Explorer P-Dock, a high-performance Li-ion battery pack that powers 4 speedlites at once.

Pixel X800N i-TTL flash for Nikon — reader review

Pixel X800N

John Amelia reviews the Pixel X800N, an i-TTL flagship flash unit for Nikon cameras.

LumoPro LP605M convertible light stand/monopod review

LumoPro LP605M fluid chamber

The LumoPro LP605M is a dual-use support accessory designed to work as either a light stand or a camera monopod. Is it any good?

Godox Witstro AR400 ring flash review


The Godox Witstro AR400 is a portable battery flash designed to provide the full ringflash look. Is it any good?

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