Review: 45-watt fan-cooled LED photography bulbs

Life of Photo 60W LED bulb

Life of Photo's cheap photographic LED bulbs have built-in active cooling, making them smaller but noisier. Are we fans of these lamps?

Studio lighting on a budget: $20 Andoer 135W LED bulbs review

Andoer 135W corn LED bulb

For just $20, Andoer offers 135W LED light bulbs "perfect for studio photography". Are they any good?

Kenro Speedflash KFL101: a beginner’s review

Kenro Speedflash KFL101

Millman Tso reviews the Kenro Speedflash KFL101, a flash designed to work with both Canon and Nikon cameras. Is it any good?

Bresser SJS-200 bare-bulb flash review

Is it a studio light? Is it a speedlite? Francesco Rizzato reviews the Bresser SJS-200, a hybrid bare-bulb flash with HSS.

Andoer AD-560II manual flash review

Andoer AD-560II

The Andoer AD-560II is a cheap manual flash unit with a built-in LED lamp. Is it any good?

Andoer LA-650D LED ring light review

Andoer LA-650D LED ring light

The Andoer LA-650D is a cheap, bright, $80 LED ring light for portrait photography. Is it any good?

Andoer LED foldable photography studio review

Andoer light tent

The Andoer LED light tent is a tabletop product photography studio that lights itself. Is it any good?

Strobius StrobiStrip speedlight stripbox review

Strobius StrobiStrip. Picture: Michael Sewell

Michael Sewell tests the StrobiStrip 50 and StrobiStrip 100, two stripbox modifiers for speedlights. Are they any good?

Light Blaster Creative Kits reviewed: Pro Gobo Kit & Backdrops Kit

Francesco Rizzato reviews the Light Blaster Pro Gobo and Backdrop kit for creative effects. Is it any good?

Light Blaster Universal Studio Adapter review

Thanks to the Universal Studio Adapter, you can now use the Light Blaster fresnel system with studio flashes. But is it any good?

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