Cononmark Leopard K4T review — a TTL monobloc

CononMark K4T

The CononMark K4T is a battery-powered flash offering wireless TTL and high-speed sync — the first studio light in the world to do so. Is it any good?

Pixel Mago flashgun beta reviews round-up

Pixel Mago

Beta testers have published their thoughts on the Mago flash from Pixel Enterprise.

YongNuo YN-622N-TX Flash Controller review

Yongnuo YN-622N-TX

The YN-622N-TX is an optional Commander unit for the Yongnuo YN-622 i-TTL flash triggering system. Is it any good?

Nova Bluetooth iPhone flash review – the flash that’s always with you?

Nova iPhone flash

Nova is something new: a wireless flash for off-camera photography with iOS & Android smartphones. Is it any good for 'real' photography?

Cononmark K4S review – a 400Ws TTL beast

CononMark K4S

The CononMark K4S promises to bring studio-quality light, TTL exposure and HSS on location. Does it deliver?

Profoto Umbrella Deep review – umbrellas that get some respect

Model: Deanna Watney. Picture: Ricardo Gomez

Is it worth investing in a higher quality brolly? Ricardo tests the new Profoto Umbrella Deep.

Portable location kit – Linkstar foldable octabox and Phottix bracket review


What are some light modifiers that are light, sturdy, easy to carry and can be quickly set up? Robbert investigates.

Roundflash collapsible ring flash review


Bruce Foster reviews the Roundflash, a softbox-like ring light adaptor for your speedlights. Is it any good?

Clellan ZR45 review: the little flash that can — mostly

Clellan ZR45

Ricardo reviews the ZR45, a radio-enabled speedlite with a minimalist user interface. Is it any good?

NiceFoto LED-1500A S-mount continuous lamp review

Nicefoto 1500A

Videographer Martin Stonard helps us to review the NiceFoto 1500A, a 150-watt bi-colour LED with an S-fit bayonet.

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