Cactus V6 II flash triggers now offer cross-brand TTL

Cactus V6 IIs

Cactus V6 II triggers now support automatic TTL control between different camera and flash brands.

Cactus V6 II flash trigger adds inter-brand HSS

Cactus V6 IIs

The new Cactus V6 II radio trigger lets you use a camera from one brand and a flash from another — and keep high-speed sync!

Cactus official online store launched with special discounts

Cactus Store Preview

Cactus has announced a new online store, with some introductory (and exclusive) discounts.

Cactus V6 and RF60 review – flash power adjustment for everyone!

Cactus V6 and RF60

The Cactus V6 is a trigger capable of remotely controlling Nikon, Canon and Pentax flashes, or the Cactus RF60 which has built-in radio. Are they any good?

Cactus V6 controls Nikon, Pentax, Canon flash power from any camera

Cactus V6 Transceiver

A radio trigger has been released that can control multiple brands of off-camera flashguns at once.

Cactus RF60 reviews published; V6 remote control revealed

Cactus RF60

Cactus's RF60/V6 flash system has remote power control for all kinds of cameras. Will it become standard?

Cactus V6 spotted in Swiss Alps

Cactus V6

The first images have appeared of Cactus Image's upcoming wireless flash trigger.

Cactus V6 flash trigger & flashgun rumoured

Cactus Image

Another radio-controlled flash system is in the works, sources say.

Making tea with the Cactus LV5 laser triggers (review)

Cactus LV5 Laser Trigger

I was recently approached by Cactus to try out their new inexpensive laser triggering system. Is it any good?

Lighting links this week

Cactus V5 Transceiver

Gadget Infinity sell out of Cactus V5s hours after release, Mola file a lawsuit against Kacey, Innovatronix announce WPPI deals and a video demo of the Tronix XTs.

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