Commlite ComTrig TL680 E-TTL flash trigger review

Allan MacDonald puts Commlite's newest flash trigger, the E-TTL-enabled ComTrig TL680, through its paces.

Which radio triggers will sync studio flashes at high shutter speeds?

Godox Cells II

Many new wireless flash triggers promise synchronisation up to 1/8000 second with your camera. We've compiled a comprehensive list so you can compare them.

Commlite announces ComTrig T320 ‘auto-sensing’ universal flash trigger

Commlite ComTrig T320

The new ComTrig T320 combines wireless flash triggering, camera remote control, flash wake-up and TTL pass-through all in one unit.

Commlite ComTrig H550, G430 pricing announced

Commlite ComTrig H550 and G430 packaging

Commlite's latest flash triggers, the ComTrig H550 and ComTrig G430, are now available to purchase.

Commlite ComTrig G430 flash trigger review

ComTrig G430 receiver and transmitter

A hands-on test of the G430, a budget 2.4GHz flash trigger from Commlite. Is it any good?

Commlite ComTrig ‘ultra speed’ flash triggering system review

ComTrig H550 and G430

We test out a new set of Chinese radio triggers with an adjustable "HS Flash" high sync speed mode.

Ojecoco H-430 triggers announced, reviewed

Ojecoco H-430TX and H-430RX for Nikon

CotswoldPhoto and Ojecoco have teamed up to develop a feature-rich wireless trigger available for under $100. Review inside.

Ojecoco H-550 – abolishing sync speeds as we know it?

Ojecoco H-550

When every man and his dog seems to be producing flash triggers these days - including an increasing number of transceiver-based competitors - what can this new company offer that stands out from the crowd?

Ojecoco: a new brand of Chinese flash triggers

Ojecoco H-550

A new manufacturer has emerged on the scene, Shenzhen-based Ojecoco, with their high speed H-550 wireless flash trigger. The H-550 supports TTL pass-through, hyper sync and more.

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