Vello FreeWave Aviator is a big-screened TTL trigger

Vello FreeWave Aviator

The Vello Aviator gives you control of 3 groups of Canon E-TTL or Nikon i-TTL flashes at ranges up to 300 feet.

Rikon of Hong Kong opens official eBay store

Rikon Dazzne Kody TTL

Rikon has opened an official manufacturer outlet on eBay for customers struggling to find local distributors for their products.

Rikon Dazzne Kody TTL triggers for Canon: full review

Rikon Dazzne Kody TTL review

In this review Rick Bradbury will be taking a look at the Dazzne Kody Wireless TTL Triggers for Canon from Rikon.

Rikon Dazzne Kody TTL triggering system unveiled, previewed

Rikon Dazzne Kody TTL

Anybody looking to take their speedlights off the camera, but wanting to maintain wireless E-TTL or manual control, should have a look at the new Dazzne Kody TTL system.

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