Meyin RF-624 review – TTL triggers on a budget

MeYin RF-624 for Nikon

The Meyin RF-624 is possibly the cheapest TTL flash trigger on the market. But is it any good?

Meyin RF-624 wireless TTL trigger touted as YN-622C rival

MeYin RF-624

Cheaper and with twice the range, is this the new radio slave to get?

Hands-on with the Meyin RF-604 wireless flash trigger

MeYin RF-604 on a Nikon D700

David Selby reviews the MeYin RF-604, a cheap 2.4GHz flash triggering system that promises compatibility with the popular Yongnuo RF-602.

Meyin RF-604 flash trigger: upgrade for Yongnuo RF-603?

Meyin RF-604

A new flash trigger looks set to replace the Yongnuo RF-603, with improved features and RF-602 backwards-compatibility.

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